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The painting is titled "Help Me" and is composed of yellow and red washes with main aspects being in black/grey. Seems to represents duality with a masked self and an unmasked self. Then again, what do I know, I\'m just the crazy lady who bought it  ;D
Yes, thank you for that. It helps in making a better decision. Thanks again.
I\'m not sure what to say here. I think it\'s a bit unfair to place such a mystery up for sale with no clues as to what exactly it contains. In a way this makes me feel like designer label shopping - buying it for the name.

I don\'t think I can justify this one to myself, sorry to say.
A sample would be appreciated  :)  I\'d like to know what vein of music this cd is in before I order.

Thanks Travis
Any live performances would be much appreciated  :)  

(as well as advanced notice for money and flight arrangements   ;)  )
I have to say that every time I hear Travis and Buckethead colaborate, i am amazed. It\'s really nice to listen to two people mesh so well, and also hear the progression of the interaction as more albums are released.  Will there be any plans for live performances after the third Thanatopsis release?

Will any performances be in Canada? Or a city in the states close to the Ontario border?

*crossing fingers, hoping maybe to see a live performance*
Ooo, it arrived today....unfortunately the case had been smashed at one corner. I guess the warning I had received about the UK postal service was correct.

I\'ll listen to my noodles while I eat my noodles in a few.  :)

This album really did make my night. It was a crazy day at work today, but listening to this put me in a really good mood and I got quite a bit of work done for tomorrow. What can I say? Chicken Noodles really isn\'t just comfort food, but also comfort listening.
Ah, so it\'s not just my students who can\'t follow directions! Good to hear...also good to hear they\'re on their way.
Thanks for your efforts in making BH affordable and available for all Travis!
Just call. Don\'t say "OMG if BH is there I\'ll pay anything, I\'ll even give you my firstborn!"......Just call and ask them to clarify who will be teaching and who will be a special guest and what exactly do special guests do. If you\'re that excited and nervous about it, you should do some research and call.

Just my $0.02
call them:
the number is 800-234-6479 or 860-567-3736.
It lists Buckethead along with many others as "special guests" during the workshops at the CT location. If you\'re interested, I would call ahead and clarify since the website is a little fuzzy about who will be there.
I honestly don\'t mean to laugh at a typo, we all make typos, but I just got this image of Buckethead having a fan lunge for his "teats" and it makes me laugh so hard. I\'m sorry  ???  My apologies, but it\'s such a funny image.
That I am! Just ask my students  ;D

Yeah, but they\'re a bunch of freaks over there. :P

who told you? !