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sounds good! :) gotta turn in now!
I\'ve been super busy with work and all.  oldfolkie, good for you and it\'s a comfort to know it\'s anonymous unless I want it to be otherwise.  I\'m still writing.  Fictionalizing events from one\'s life is hard.  A friend tried to fictionalize an event I was trying to write about.  I was getting stuck at this one point.  She tried fictionalizing it and I read it and told her it was nothing like that.  I dreamt about it that night and woke myself up, flipped open my laptop at four in the morning and put it all in, every bit.  My friend said when she read it the next day, she felt like it was her in the river.  It scared her.  That\'s the point I guess.  Make the reader feel it.  

gkg, a lot of people have told me the literary business is cutthroat.  They said I\'m too trusting and will be taken for a ride.  My hubby and his father will handle all negotiations, he says.  Since dad-in-law is an attorney, I don\'t worry too much.  I have heard about agents taking a gargantuan cut and the actual author getting peanuts.  I\'m really glad to have them involved when it\'s finished.  Hubby has big plans for this poor book.  He\'s like an expectant father who says "My son will play for the Red Sox!"  before the child is born!  LOL!  

Thanks for your kind words.  oldfolkie, maybe we can visit about writing sometimes and bounce ideas back and forth!

Take care and be safe,
This sounds really cool!  I\'ll have to check it out.  I have two fiction pieces going right now.  One is a period piece and the other is a present day piece I started writing for my older daughter.  She\'s loving it so I may be onto something.   ;D  I also have a nonfiction piece going about how I grew up and all.  Not a boohoo thing.  I showed it to a friend I knew would be honest and she described it as "funny and horrific, touching and enlightening"  I figured that might not be a bad thing. LOL!

[edited to add]  I don\'t think I can pull this off by the end of the month.  Of the two fictions I have, one has 18,106 words and the other has 8,847 words.  And the nonfiction has 4,226 words.  My best friend is going to change all the names in it and such, basically to protect me.  LOL!  And that hasn\'t been done yet.  And I\'ve been writing it for almost six months so it wouldn\'t qualify anyway.  I have to do it in stops and starts.  Putting your life out there is not always easy.  Although, I\'m finding if I write about something, it isn\'t in my head so much anymore.  And I let go of some unpleasant thoughts when it goes away a bit.  Does that make any sense?   [end edit]

I\'ll have to look at the site and see because the two fiction pieces I started a couple of weeks ago.  

Thanks, oldfolkie!

And, deblee, great penguin!
Thanks, gkg and oldfolkie, for checking it out.  ;)
Your art, music, projects and links / Stuffy\'s art pages
December 03, 2005, 04:44:03 am
Travis, if this isn\'t okay to post here, just let me know and I\'ll take it down!  Thanks!

This is just to let anyone who is interested know my website had been updated.  No popup enlarging windows yet but we\'re working on it!  Thanks for checking it out!

I\'m going to try to figure that out, gkg!  A friend said I may have to use their paid service to do that so we\'ll see!  I haven\'t even checked the site today as I am in the process of starting a new job.  It\'s at a horse farm nearby and I\'m going to work there in exchange for lessons for my girls and for me, too.  So, I was there for a while today.  I never want to leave, it\'s too relaxing.  LOL!  Then home and house cleaning.  The downstairs no longer looks like a tornado went through so I can actually get online for a few.  Then I\'m going to sleep!  I\'m beat!

Thanks so much for checking out the site, though.  "How Does It Feel?" has a lot of details that don\'t translate in the photo, unfortunately.  As do others so I\'ll work on the clicky window pop up thingies.  That was an exceedingly intelligent sentence, I know!

Have a good night everyone and I\'ll check back at some point!  Thanks!
gkg, you almost made me fall out of my chair.  I\'m a horrible liar, unfortunately.  My eyes turn blue when I lie.  They\'re usually green.  Odd thing.  

Okay, here\'s the site.  As terrified as I am, I\'ll put it up and, if you all can give me some feedback, that would be great.  Just don\'t pick on Sacrifice.  It\'s like a child to me, sorry.  


I\'ll be back to see what you think.  I have to get the rest of the pictures of my artwork tomorrow.  Then it will have more examples.  Thanks again!
Thanks so much, everybody!  Hubby wants me to try using a free service first and then, if I sell some artwork, invest it in a webpage.  So I think that\'s the route I\'m going.  

He gave me two years to get my book written and to sell some pieces.  Hopefully, it works or I don\'t know what I\'ll do.  I can write and create art.  Don\'t know much else.  

Hey, I don\'t know much!  The feds will hire me!   :o

Sorry!  :D Had to throw that in there.
Thanks so much for the advice, gkg!  I really appreciate it! ;D
Thanks in advance for any help!  I would like to start a website for my writing and artwork.  I just don\'t know how to go about doing that.  Could anybody tell me how to get a webpage and all that?  If so, it would be wonderful!  I really appreciate any help!

This isn\'t directed at anyone in particular, so please don\'t flame me.  This is just my understanding of things.  And I don\'t claim to be a scholar at all! LOL!
As far as the UN goes, the world is made up of many countries.  And it is in everyone\'s best interests to go before the UN to deal with problems in the world.  I think part of the problem that has been had with the UN lies in the fact that our leaders have thought they were somehow above the UN.  Because, just as the UN says the US can\'t invade Somewhere, they also say Somewhere cannot invade the US.  
I just don\'t understand why some people have a problem with the Republican/Democrat labels.  My husband and I are Democrats, I guess. *shrug* Though, if a Republican candidate is the best one, we\'ll vote for them.  We are pretty liberal people though not the most liberal we know. Now, a couple we are very close with are Republicans.  And I mean serious Republicans.  But they\'re good people, loyal friends, and we made them our son\'s godparents.  So, I don\'t have a problem with anyone\'s political beliefs.  And I don\'t think anyone here does either.  I just don\'t want to get flamed.  
And, before anyone asks, we were very happy with the election results!  LOL!  And, no I don\'t have any answers for the current issues facing our elected officials.  If I had ideas of how to fix things, I guess I would have run for office.  So, it will take one or many far more intelligent than I to come up with solutions! I can only hope there ARE solutions at this point!  
There\'s my two cents, I guess!
Shoot!  I didn\'t realize you had to subscribe to read online!  I\'m sorry.  That\'s annoying for me, too!  I wonder if it would be okay to post it here.  Or would that be like stealing it?  Any thoughts, gkg?
I found this article in the paper today!  Thought some of you might be interested.  Do any of you have one near you?


I hadn\'t heard of it but what a neato idea!  Around here, we have community gardens.  You pay ten or twenty dollars to the community extension and get a garden plot.  You plant, tend, and harvest it yourself.  We did it one year and it was really cool.  I wish I had room to do it again!  It was nice having fresh veggies but a pain to drive to the plot every day to gather and all.  

This just seems like a good way to use conservation land and such.  Thought you might be interested!
Political and Social Discussions / Re: oh no ya don\'t
September 25, 2006, 02:34:46 am
Not being sarcastic at all!  But whether or not you\'re smart, I sure as heck didn\'t know what those polls said!  So, really, thanks for making what they said clear!   ;D  LOL!  Or it could be from when I was a kid and was bad at math.  Maybe now I see numbers and my brain shuts down?  Who knows?  

I don\'t know about anyone else but I know that I love America because I can agree or disagree with another person.  It\'s my right as a citizen!  It\'s not like that in a lot of places.  So I feel blessed for where I was born and raised!  
Political and Social Discussions / Re: oh no ya don\'t
September 23, 2006, 02:32:44 am
Dirtface?  Just wanted to let you know that you\'re way smarter than I am.  I couldn\'t make heads or tails of the polls.  LOL!  Thanks for explaining what it worked out to.