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Thanatopsis self-titled is short enough for a single LP. If you're serious about putting something out on vinyl, I might start there, work your way up to longer, more expensive albums.

Also, people need to learn the difference between products that Travis can sell, and albums that Travis owns. Who wouldn't love SBTS to get pressed? Wrong place to ask, though.
Yeah, I think all of us definitely get where you're coming from, Travis. Like you said, let it ride. Who knows, maybe a couple months from now we'll be seeing the kind of demand you need to make this happen.

Just out of curiosity, are you thinking of picking up a Population Override LP? For old times' sake?  ;D
If Axiology ends up no-go for now, maybe see if people would be interested in a Thanatopsis self-titled pressing. That one is shorter, so you could pull off a single LP, put some of the money you get from that towards a proper Axiology pressing, or anything else that piques your interest. And I would definitely look into doing something through Kickstarter, that way you can scan for interest, and get your money up-front.

And advertise this kinda thing anywhere you can! Vinyl is HUGE right now. (There were more LP's sold in 2014 than in 1993.) I think people would be all over this if you could bring attention to it through Facebook or Twitter or something. Lots of fans probably don't hang out on forums, so you're only getting a fraction of the interest that's really out there.
Hey, Travis. One way you might be able to fit all 50+ minutes of Axiology onto an affordable package might be to go with a double 10-inch LP. Some of Radiohead's albums were pressed in that manner, and they're very good releases. It'd be more expensive than a single LP, but cheaper than a 2xLP.

PLEEEEASE spring for the vinyl! $25 is perfect.

I hope we can make this sell so well that you'll give the rest of Thanatopsis / Dragons of Eden / Population Override the same treatment.

Geez, I'd gladly pay $40+ for Population Override. No hesitation.

And the best of wishes to you, too!

Do your thing, bots!
I haven't been digging a few of the recent Pikes.

This one is SLAMMIN' though.  8)
It's near-DCK sounding guys! Cover art irks me though...
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Lou
October 27, 2013, 09:09:15 pm
Even after years of hearing artists talk about Mr. Reed's music, I guess I never really sat down to listen to him outside of VU. Such a shame that this is my wake up call. His influence is undeniable.
According to Wikipedia, it's 10 years to the day that Axiology came out. Any plans at TDRS yet? Still waiting on a restock/repress. Would love to see something happen with it, it's a fantastic record.  :)

After spinning my new Praxis vinyl again this morning, I realized how much more of Bucket's discography deserves the vinyl treatment. The TDRS label released a bunch of fan-favorite wedges, (Chicken Noodles, Dragons of Eden, Thanatopsis) so has this been discussed at all? I guarantee I could fill this thread up with bots who would pay to own anything that got pressed. Is this something that's even feasible for TDRS at this time?

Thanks, guys/Travis, etc.
Quote from: tropicalrooster on May 13, 2013, 06:59:48 pm
Brilliant thread, man!

Buckethead brings people's life together, and make them cherish life.

This man alone, without emotion, acting strange somehow created bigger positivism than majority of those sharp dressed phonies in the planet, you must admit life is an irony.

I couldn't have put it better. I hope Bucket has time to read some of these things. I know someone on the .TK wrote him a letter and gave it to him during one of his Toy Trades (I think), and it basically said the same thing.
Figured I'd kill three birds with one stone here. 2 new LE's again! This is borderline insanity, in the best possible way!

And a happy birthday to the Bucketman too!
Just in case it isn't said, you guys did a great job on this one. Still curious as to why I got mine on like, the 15th, but no complaints here.  8)
Okay, so I got mine today. Don't know why, if this is supposed to be delayed. Is there something that needed to be fixed on these first(?) pressings? Lovin' it so far though.