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Quote from: NotAHickInIndy on February 01, 2012, 07:58:51 pm
Skips Indiana again! looks like another Bucketheadless year for me :(

General Discussion / i need a helper person
May 06, 2011, 10:46:45 pm
brain fart on how to add pics onto threads. thanks
General Discussion / 2 new christmas toys
December 07, 2010, 05:49:33 pm
just bought the "digitech jamman solo", and "fulltone full drive 2". i figured santa may not know i wanted  them, so i went out and bought them for myself. they are both awesome. just wanted to share my excitment.
General Discussion / Re: joe satriani
December 01, 2010, 01:18:48 am
sweet. enjoy. I assume you will. by the way did ya get good seats. i got decent seats at 65.00. the front few rows were a little to much to spend especially around xmas.
General Discussion / joe satriani
November 24, 2010, 03:17:29 am
just bought some great seats to see him dec 16th at the fillmoore in detroit. i hope he puts on a good show. he is an extremley great artist. i will try to film some footage with my phone. not sure how that will turn out though?
General Items For Sale / f/s pedals
January 08, 2012, 02:44:28 am
digitech jamman solo----- $140

ehx freeze-------  $90

satriani time machine---- $140

all pedals have org. boxes and papers. Pedals work perfectly and are like new. Pedals in mint condition, not a scratch . they were barely used (understatment).  no trades, need  money for new toy. feel free to call me 586 405-7256. mike
you can count on me to buy peppers on whatever its printed on.
hmmm very interesting ducky
Dammit Travis hurry up we are waiting we don\'t have all day now........... Gotcha, seriously just joking take your time trying to figure it out. By the way did i spell seriously right. It  looks wrong. I feel like a 42 year old spelling idiot.
i am in for peppers. i think the best way is to prepay with a deadline.  make the cd something a tad different somehow maybe like a special insert. word will get around and.........BAAAAAAAMMMMMM. there ya go. easy peasy nice and easy.
Hmmm. kind of drawing a blank with ideas, sorry. I will tell you what i\'ll do Travis to help you and my fellow bots. For one cd, I will throw in $ 100 to get peppers rolling off the press, seriously, that is the kind of person i am. It\'s not much, but a start. If you can\'t trust a fireman, who can you trust. Email me if interested. Although there is one catch..........tell B to get his arse to the motor city. Just joking, sort of  ;D.
boy , if he does another tour like he did this year. More power to him. that would be alot of road miles.
Fantastic show, my first. I wanted to get front row so I got there 2 hours early. Ended up fourth in line and when the doors open I was right up against the stage. There was no space between the crowd and stage. It was bitter sweet . I stood next to the kid Boxenstein and his family. Never met them before. Pretty cool folks from Canada, even his grandma was up front jamming. It was a packed house, from the stage all the way back to the bar. I didn\'t want to drink any beers because if I would of left to take a piss I would of never made it back to my spot. Wolf came out and played about 5 songs. Pretty cool and interesting, although you can tell people were getting anxious for the presence of big B. When Bucket entered onto the stage people went a tad nutty. His playing was brilliant. He was up and down the neck of his guitar with fluidity. I was smiling the whole show. He played non stop until toy time. The way he danced around you could of never tell he was injured before. I bought a Detroit Lions t shirt to give him for toy time. He grabbed it, looked at it and gave me his typical thankyou. He then went into his bag to give me a toy and someone behind me snagged it. It was really no big deal to me. Then he went back into his bag  and grabbed another toy and handed it to me. People were trying to grab it, but he wasn\'t letting go until he saw that I had a firm hold on it. How cool is Bucket! The kfc bucket that he put on came from  Boxenstein . It was kind of funny when he took it he looked back at him and gave him a gesture like " is this for me". Just as bucket was going to put in on his amp he looked at it again, put it over his bucket and then started to dance with it. Like slunk lord said he then wore it for the rest of the show. One of the coolest things i saw, was that there was this cute little 5-6 year old boy with his Dad there. The kid was just in awe watching Bucket\'s every move throughout the show. It seemed that Bucket went over there a few times so that the kid can see him really close. He ended up given him his chainsaw. One of my many highlights came when he started to play bucketheadland and he came over to let us push his kill switch. His guitar was literally in my face. The kid boxenstein started to push the switch so I decided just to touch the man guitar and let boxenstein hit the button. Then all of a sudden my chest got crushed against the stage ( lucky i have a 48" chest), and all of these arms  flung toward Buckets guitar. Bucket then backed away. I though to myself ......wise choice big B. The show ended up being one of my favorite shows of all time. I am not saying that just because I am a truly was. Oh yeah forgot to say he also cranked on his base. That was awesome to. I have a few cool picks and a couple of short vid\'s. I will post them soon.
is it because of our locations and the delivery hurdle or do you have other factors that are invovled?
your the only one so far....... well besides someone from hong kong