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General Discussion / Re: Anyone else annoyed?
September 23, 2010, 11:54:45 pm
I think i know who you\'re on about.
There\'s actually a fair few of them.
I would\'nt exactly say im annoyed, but i definitely see a bit of a problem with it. There\'s no element of originality. I mean fair play if you want to spend the time learning some signature licks and what not, but to be cloning someone or something thats already been done is pointless.

No hard feelings to those who we\'re on about, you\'re VERY talented people!
Got mine this morning, number 24 :)
And i\'d like to thank Buckethead and Travis for giving us the opportunity to have something special, so thank you both!
QuoteI am so looking forward to getting my copy now. I hate living in the UK sometimes. The drawings just make the release look so personal, almost like a gift.


I second this. But it WILL be worth waiting for!


...another T-shirt I would like to see is one with the TDRS logo and a list of the major recording artists below, Travis could design the shirt and take pre-orders so there would be not much money out of pocket. I think that shirt would sell out quick.

I\'d be stoked with a TDRS sticker as well  ;D

Yeeeeah man, i\'d buy a TDRS shirt like that, as well as that Spinal Clock one. It\'d be good if Travis could make it happen :)