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Your art, music, projects and links / Red State!
January 25, 2011, 06:59:42 am
Okay, so here\'s the deal bots. I don\'t know if any of you are Kevin Smith fans, or even know who he is. He\'s the maker of such films as "Clerks", "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy", "Dogma", "Jay, and Silent Bob Strike Back", "Jersey Girl", "Clerks 2", and "Zack, and Miri Make a Porno".

He has recently made a horror, very un-Kev Smith- flick called "Red State", and he\'s decided to release it him self, and he has reached out to his fans to promote it. Me being a fan, I will help help him. This is my way of merging two worlds or mine (Kevin Smith, and Buckethead). I am reaching out to fellow bots to help the word get out.

It will be in theaters Oct. 19th, BUT he\'s taking the movie on tour, and doing Q & As after the showings starting in March. Thank you for giving this a glance, I want this to do well, as I would any of Buck\'s works. I will provide the trailer, and the tour dates, and the place where you can get tickets to this event.

All money made on the tour goes towards getting the movie in theaters.

http://coopersdell.com/ Tour dates, and ticket info.

http://smodcast.com/  Here\'s where you can peep out the trailer
General Discussion / Re: favorite albums of all time...
January 21, 2011, 12:30:19 am
Devin Townsend- Ki
The first album since Strapping Yound Lad broke up. I LOVE it. It has made me feel better about things so many times.

Dream Theater-Systematic Chaos
As a drummer, Dream Theater just blows my mind. This is the album that got me into, and changed my views on music forever. It\'s also just a nice blend of all of their types of sounds.

Faith No More-Angel Dust
I found this album when I was going through a really dark time, and it pretty much musically summed up the way I felt when I found it. I love Mike Patton\'s vocals, and the really stood out on this album to me.

Love Gene Hoglan, and Chuck. Love the lyrics, and this was another album that when I first heard it, things changed for me.

Bumblefoot- Abnormal
I know it\'s probably bad that I\'m admitting that I love Bumblefoot on a Buckethead forum, but it was a really well made album. "DASH" is awesome.

I also love a lot of John Zorn, and of course Bootsy Collins, Les Claypool, and Bill laswell, but it\'s hard for me to determine my favorites from them.
General Discussion / Re: Secret recipe DVD question!!!
December 29, 2010, 06:48:45 am
I would LOVE to know this too, I\'ve tried everything to find out. The special effects looks similar to final monster in "The Thing" (1982), so I looked up everything the special effects guy did, and it\'s non of them. It\'s driving me crazy I can\'t find out the name if this movie!
wow. Thanks, Travis! That\'s very kind of you to offer free downloads of two great albums! I hope you a great holiday and  stay safe! :D
I\'m thinking it would be really cool to make a Pikes movie! That would be so cool!
The dream setlist for me would be:
Pepper\'s Ghost
Crack the Sky
hh track 1
shadows between the sky
sled ride
giant robot
nun chucka kata
gory head stump
nottingham lace
frozen brains tell no tales
interworld and the new innocence

If he did this set with an awesome full band, that would be the best show ever
Honestly, I would enjoy seeing bucket with a full band that could pull off what the songs need to reach their full live potential I\'m talking more than just drum & bass, or Ipod. Also, It seems like he doesn\'t practice anymore, and doesn\'t remember the songs fully. I would kill to see buck in the praxis days. Now... I\'ve kinda lost interest in seeing him live.  The bands he does play live with just sound empty, the Ipod was about the same. Not to mention all of the mistakes.
Track 8 reminds me of Amon Amarth, epic viking style!
QuoteWe aren\'t angry at you  ;)

Just wait a few more days.
I also didn\'t recieve it and I WANT IT SO BAD!  :P


Mine arrived today. If I had to choose one word to describe it, it would definitely be epic through, and through. Well worth the wait. I hope you get yours soon, so that you may experience this aural goodness too!
Us bots are pretty protective of buckethead and his hard work. That\'s why you prolly got all the negative feedback. In the future have patience and you\'ll be good. Trust me, this album is worth whatever wait you have! Happy holidays bot, it\'s all good!

Thanks for the forgiveness, Happy Holidays to you as well!
WOAH, Didn\'t mean to offend anybody. Didn\'t know it was such a touchy subject.
I ordered my copy the other day, unfortunately it did not arrive today. Could someone youtube one of the songs tonight, I really wanted to hear it today.
I don\'t have a pic, but I got #366