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Thanks for the info Travis, I really appreciate it.

Keep doing what you\'re doing, it\'s great!
^^^ I was wondering the same exact thing. I went ahead and ordered numbers 4 & 5 but I\'m going to wait a little while until we hear Travis chime in on this.

Either way, I\'ll end up supporting Bucket and buying another of the record.  ;)
A few more dates showed up this morning

Including B.B. Kings in late August!!!!!!
I am very interested in messing with the tracks!!!

This could be amazing!! (or awful.)  ;)
I must say I\'m a bit surprised that no one mentioned Bucketheadland 2.

Here\'s my Top 5 (in no particular order)

A Real Diamond in The Rough
Buckeheadland 2
Happy Holidays LE (Untitled)
Giant Robot
Crime Slunk Scene

Favorite Collaboration:
Travis Dickerson - Iconography
^^^^ Sometimes bands just have off nights.
Just ordered my copy.
No issues here.
I don\'t know guys....

It seems very Bootleg-esque to me.

Not to mention the fact that the ebay account that has listed it doesn\'t have a 100% feedback score. You would think that if this was legit that they would at least use an account that is 100% trusted....

I call bogus all over this.
I highly doubt that those were the real titles.

Someone probably just decided to edit them for the heck of it.

A buddy of mine is doing sound for the festival.

Bucket is actually Headlining!!!

I can\'t believe it. It\'s a dream come true for Bucket and us. :)

The (unofficial) word on the street is that he will either be the last slot on Friday or Saturday night. I\'m leaning towards Saturday though.

Quotebut why doesnt ticketmaster also post ticketinfo on his upcoming bellasol and wakarusa festival concerts?

Because they aren\'t the agency selling the tickets for those gigs. Ticketmaster only wants to promote gigs that they are handling the ticket sales for so they make more money. They don\'t want us to know about another gig that some other ticket company is promoting. :)
Well I don\'t for sure if the email list is still active but I can tell that I signed up for it about 4 years ago and I am yet to receive an email......
^^^ I painfully waited it out the whole time...... I just really don\'t want to give gigantic corporations my money if I don\'t have to. Especially when I know that honest hard working people (like Travis & Bucket) will make a much higher profit margin from a direct sale.
So I have to agree with lots of bots about this not being Bucket........

That being said, thank you so much for making me aware of these guys. I had never heard of them before and now I am currently trying to research any information I can find on them. I love what I\'ve read and heard so far.

^^^ I just tried to watch the video from the link you posted and I got a crazy amount of spam pop ups all over the place. Just an FYI. :)