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Haven't heard much about what's going on or coming up these days...wondering where all the "previews of coming attractions" are. A youtube page sounds like a good start... still pondering the spilling of some beans by Travis or The Bucketed One....hankerin' for a hunk o' cheese in twenty-thirteen !!!
General Discussion / Gary Husband "Dirty and Beautiful"
October 01, 2010, 07:39:03 pm
Features John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Robin Trower, Jan Hammer, Mark King and others! Something to look forward to, fo shizzle!

Parliament Guitarist Phelps "Catfish" Collins Dies at 66

Bootsy\'s Brother

Rest In Peace, Mr. Collins

Just curious...seems like that would be a great way to promote his new releases and tours. It would be a great way to tease with new binge clips, etc...

I miss those days when the binge clips forshadowed new releases and featured fun stuff and shenanigans.

It seems that youtube takes a  lot less maintenance than a facebook or myspace. The official web page and toystore are great at telling the story and getting releases out, but having an official youtube presence could supplement that and be a big win, perhaps, without too much trouble.
Looks like Bucket\'s back with the iPod.
Hope you all enjoy if you get the chance to see one.
If you have a setlist or some sort of review don\'t hesitate to post it here!

Here\'s a link to a really good audience shot "Siege Engine"

This Just In!
The Buckethead Les Paul Studio model is slated to hit stores Feb 2011! MSRP of $1,898.
More details to follow!!
Well it was a really good night followed by a rough morning after....but anyway

It was the same band as the first show of this tour. They really tore it up.  :D Got to love that.

It looked to me like Bh was using a studio model of his Les Paul, at least from where I was standing. And he used the coil tap on a lot of the songs getting a really great single coil sound out of his LP and Marshalls.

I don\'t know if i can pull together a setlist from my videos that I shot. I hope the they turned out okay. If they did I will post some on my youtube page as I get the time. There is a link under my name to the left.

Bucketheadpikes #1 was the only thing at the merch table. And no Jordan or Jowls this time either. Lots of jamming and more interplay between Bucket and the Brewer than I remember before. I\'ll try and piece together something more coherent later, need to get some sleep.  
Hey folks,

Bucket made another list and this one is pretty amazing.

The folks at GuitarTV.com, a website run by the one and only Steve Vai and Andy Alt, saw fit to name Buckethead\'s Monsters and Robots album #3 on their Top 10 Staff Picks for Instrumental Guitar Albums of All time! He\'s in some prestigious company along the likes of Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Chet Atkins, Andres Segovia, Al Di Meola and Tommy Emmanuel among others.


Tip: You\'ll have to dig around to find it, though. Start with the "Top 10" menu on the left. Enjoy.
The writer for the Buckethead entry didn\'t get it all right fact-wise, but who really does as it pertains to The Bucketed One? It can be a hassle chasing down rumours and hearsay on the internet when  you\'d rather be digging the tunes! It\'s a very favorable write-up with a bunch of links, some of which I haven\'t seen in a while.

Buckethead was awarded #17 of "The Top 25 Modern Metal Guitarists" and the link follows:


Here\'s some of the best footage from Wakarusa 2011 that I\'ve seen so far: :)


Here is there facebook with some links. It looks like one of the  members is formerly with Particle.


Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?

Subject:  New Slab!

Posted by:

Admin Rupert Pupkin




Check it out, great new site that is selling the newest Buckethead cd...the ONLY place to get this cd.

This time its the "Top 10 Guitar Moments In Comics History" from Guitarsquid.com
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Triplets
April 06, 2011, 03:11:54 pm
I was in the neighborhood and had to see them for myself. Once I get my ducks in a row I will take one home. Can\'t count your chickens before they\'re hatched, right?

BHLPStudio x3 stump by stumpdangler, on Flickr
http://www.antimusic.com/news/11/april/01Bootsy_Collins_N_Buckethead.shtml http://fb.me/V52lH9w2 14 minutes ago via Facebook


Bootsy Collins N Buckethead
There is now visual evidence of Bootsy Collins teaming up with Buckethead with the release of the "Minds Under Construction" video.

"We are civilized animals, right? Then why do we continue to slaughter for sport? What if you were a Chicken, how would you feel? I grew up in a Chicken Coop and I was not a Chicken at first, until I was faced with your World!" - Buckethead

"Honor thy Father and thy Mother was once said, but then someone said: What if I don\'t know your Father? A still voice said: Does that makes him the devil? He is still someone\'s Father, his name has been changed, but his story is the same. Why hate when we should Celebrate. In this world of two\'s, you got the Mourning Son, and the Daughter of the Night. They both equal light once you make it through the night. Now, wake the funk up!" - Bootsy Collins

To My Facebook Funkateers I present you with this first, "Minds Under Construction" from my new album "Tha Funk... http://fb.me/IwbjQYpf 6 minutes ago via Facebook


This is a funtastic binge wedge to the max
I played one today, and am waiting for mine to come in.
Nice beefy neck, and it sounds a little bit brighter than most Les Pauls to my ear. I like a Les Paul with 24 frets! The electronics sound great, too. The coil tap on the tone knob is a sweet touch. And as far as I know Lance at EM shorts still has the best deal.
"Subject:  Buckethead Equipment Auction on EBAY

Posted by: Admin Rupert Pupkin

Email: greg@bucketheadland.com


Check it out slobbies!"


Here\'s a new one with an awesome compliment and a tour hint

# @Reptilian_Jew (My friend Buckethead is the better bassist. By the way I spoke with him last night, he will be doing some touring soon. about 8 hours ago via web in reply to Reptilian_Jew

Thar\'s a lotta love thar.
Hey Funkateers & Bucketbots, after NAMM today, I will visit Buckethead & his Mother. Send love vibes our way, pain ain\'t nothin\' nice. 27 minutes ago via web

Joy, Love and Peace to you and yours Buckethead, Bootsy, Travis and all