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Wow what a trip down memory lane heading back to this site and what a roller coaster of emotions after reading the updates throughout the years about Big B and his health. I saw he was touring as short as one month ago in Colorado. Glad to see hes still going strong despite the health struggles that he has faced, this was a small but close knit community, Colma and Electric Tears are 2 albums that will forever impact my life and shaped my developing musical mind. I'll never forget seeing Buckethead at Murray Theatre in Murray, UT.

Wishing all the best to Big B and Travis for creating a safe space for creativity and music.
Wow what a birthday for LeBron, just had a monster game where they beat the Hawks.

Lebron had an awesome game with 48 points and the Caveliers won the game by Varejao hitting a 3 pointer as the shot clock expired.

I guess Buckethead doesnt have anymore LeBron songs stuffed up his sleeves this year, hmmm since Buckethead has such good tastes in basketball players I hope he makes a Deron Williams tribute because he is pretty much the man.
I just ordered my brand new white No.1 Guitar Stretch Strap off ebay ;D It is suppossed to take 3 buisness days to get here I cant wait! :)

Curious if any of you people on this forum have the strap(I have a Les Paul) and if so what are good strap locks that go with it, I am looking at getting the nickel Schaller strap locks because their reviews seem pretty good and the nickel ones are only like 16$.
I just checked his tour dates on the bucketheadland website and apparently he is going to two festivals this summer!

Sadly none of them are remotely near the state of Utah :\'( hopefully he can make it here next time he goes on a major tour again this year (wishful thinking).

Just a heads up for those of you who might live near them

Friday May 22, 2009-
Summer Camp Festival, Chillicothe, IL

Thursday June 4, 2009        
Wakarusa Festival,      Ozark, AR

From some clips I have seen of some other Wakarusa Festivals he has had some pretty sweet shows there, I believe the best live Padmasana I have heard.