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Your art, music, projects and links / my new thing
June 28, 2011, 06:25:18 pm
working with Korg Products like, Electribe, Microkorg and the new quad Pad.

Expect New Things.

Your art, music, projects and links / I am on Ebay
March 21, 2011, 02:59:29 am
screen name tripsnork999

selling Toys and soon my music and art.

feels like I just ate my own words, about ebay...

Chris D
Your art, music, projects and links / coming soon 2011
September 16, 2010, 09:50:46 pm
new music

DiCicco Rahn Musical Bridge Project (Fast Jazz Fusion Space Dub)

Red Windows Nietzsche (Prog Metal)

Chris DiCicco :featuring My Guitar Student and Step Dad Milton Demaray: Rejected by the Best (Ballad\' ders Trip out nee)

Internet only : Jimmy Page is My Asian Grandma (ROCK)

Loping Wolf Native American Flute Album.... (ETHNIC)
lotso people involved too many to name.
Your art, music, projects and links / enrolled @ Funk U
November 04, 2010, 09:55:48 am
for one month, under my student name, CDR0.

fer jus $30

its been along time sents the Huzzi Tac Label and I think I have the Bass Chops to do and or give it a try.

I have been rolling this over on Facebook, MySpace, have to do an acual video of Me playing EGADS! I need HELP?

Chris DiCicco

well what caught Me was the two words, which were David Bowie, then the hook and sinker was the price.

I also like what they said about it... arrives soon.

I smell another Youtube vid out of this\'n too.
Your art, music, projects and links / Make Friends?
June 15, 2009, 06:56:14 am
I\'m the Giant Spider please won\'t You visit Me in the web... I mean on the web...  

all nine tracks are up.

songs about loss, drugs, black clothes, labotomys, Chic Disc Rico, My Step Bro Elvis, being scared, Anti Susiside and just trying to be solid.

just plain sh!tty.

the first song is a cover written by Ryan Tofflemire (My one time Guitar Student) and my Ex Best Friend this was one of the factos in the paranoid depressing schism that led to being broke up.

the second is the title of a great book.

hopeful for some feedback ...

Chris DiCicco
Your art, music, projects and links / New Thangs
March 03, 2007, 01:39:23 am
new Label I am working with/on...

Planet California Records

this will house the Midi Albums, Atmosphere Rare (or 2), 3 and others if it pans out.

I am currently pulling the creative/artistic muse on both ends and then some (writing, music, art and producing), I have been nose deep in the writings for Midi Orchestration and blending Salsa, Afro Cuban rhythms (San Montunos) with New Wave Riffs (Frippian Modes).

opps mighta said to much.

Chris DiCicco  
well if You were fortunate enough to get one of these or  whole set or era, treasure them as the Chic Disc Rico Persona and Band are no more.

How to Make Soup (Townhouse Records)
Cosmic We (Huzzi Tac Records)
Seven Seven Sappitino &
Organix Madn Amusheen (Huzzi Tac Records)
Patchworks (Huzzi Tac Records)
4,5M4Ax6 km 49,5532R km 1.R247e26 kg 3IA6GE av (Huzzi Tac Records)
Chic Disc Rico VS. Thomas Rahn (Chic Disc Records)
Into the Rift: The search for the 9th Dimension of sound (Chic Disc Records)
The Sleeper Cell (BOX SET or four disc\'s) Early Years, Thank Yous and Jams (Townhouse Records)
Our Friends from Frolix 8 compilation (Chic Disc Records)

along the with the few who got the SnoCap Albums, these were very fun to do, we went to a lot of different places with the music.
the 3rd 7 Jam sessions (snocap)
Resurrection 35 (snocap)
Hip House (snocap)
Fort James Dub (snocap)
Please Stand By (snocap)
Sleeper Cell 5 Best of Talker (snocap)

some where along here snocap was bought out by third party whom I didn\'t sign up for...

Hexplorestory (unreleased)
Voices from the Dreams (unreleased)

Chic Disc Rico was an Anagram of Chris DiCicco, all other names were originated by Chris except Del Mar Cool, we will let Del Mar hang out out for a time yet.


Three new Albums (mp3) exclusive to Internet, Mystore, MySpace.

Chic Disc Rico in...

The 3rd 7 Sessions (with Del Mar Cool, Gallig Phantom)

Fort James Dub (with Del Mar Cool)

Resurrection 35 (with Del Mar Cool, Gramma Fuzz)

Complete with Artworks, Price\'s and Music ranging from a Heavy and Weird Mash up, to Dub Regaee Stylings and a Progressive Rock song medley, ending with the 10 minute opus.

try some?

buy some?

this is Chic Disc Rico history in the making.

Chris DiCicco

the Chic Disc Rico My Space page is up with a link to Huzzi Tac Records, Pictures, a short Bio, tributes and four Songs spanning from releases Into the Rift.. The #\'s Album and 7 Seven Sapitino along with a vocal track of Me singing a song of regret ... off Patchworks.

go see! hear! then return to ask whats what....?

Chris DiCicco
Your art, music, projects and links / Chic Disc Records
December 22, 2005, 11:30:51 pm
Coming soon Summer of 2006...

more to come about this, Statements and musical direction.


Your art, music, projects and links / Flaw with Itunes
October 07, 2006, 07:26:32 am
ok puttering around with a secret project uhm hrm Remastering My first album of Music, How to Make Soup, I have everything on Itunes and it blanked out one song, saying it can\'t find file number so and so...?

has this happened to other Itunes users or am I the first..?

Chris DiCicco
I will be Crashing the Jazz Jub on Saturday, I will be playing My Banjo Uke accompanied by My crappy Keyboard/ Drum machine, if You are in the area or a Proformer at the Jazz Jub and thinking about approaching Me DO IT MY UKE DON\'T BITE... ;D I believe I will play untill I either get kicked out or My Hands Cramp up, Whichever one happens first will be the end.

I believe I will play for some $ too

Also Resently I played Uke in and around A Flute Circle hosted By Loping Wolf for close to Six hours, thats almost a Greatful Dead Length Concert/Jam.

Lastly Sadly, the Ukulele Museum in My furthest reaches Frisco (backyard) has closed down before I got a chance to explore it, very sad its bringing Me down just writting it.

Chris DiCicco


this is my Stepmothers website, I am no where on this website but maybe... somehow....

Sad as it is to announce...

the (now) Chic Disc Rico Band is Parting ways with Huzzi Tac Records :\'(

But as other posts say Chic Disc Rico has a full plate ahead of him for the next two er three Years involving Music Albums and a DVD and maybe a small tour here or there and colaberations too.

4,5M4Ax6 km
49,5532R km
1.R247e26 kg
3I.A6GE av

Chic Disc Rico\'s Final Tour De Force..... is availible from 9 advanced copies... yep! ones gone already..... responed to this post if YOU want one Free!

Why do this Chris?

Becuse its to silly to hang on to preconsived release dates when the Label is Kaputsky, I don\'tt wanna ride it down anymore.


Its finished Cd\'s are copied, Art Work is strange but finished, Placement finished, that leaves 5 that are spoken for and 5 that are not...

want one?

Huzzi Tac will get a Big Goody in November...

More News Patchworks is and will be released sooner then the summer perhaps Jan or Feb 2006, this will be in the vien of the \' How to Make Soup \' a real progession in the new studio sound...

More to Come

I may or may not get a Zoom 16 track Workstation, the Chamber needs an upgrade and I\'ve had it working from this Computer Minimic...

but I would gather some reviews and or suggestions from other Artists as to single units or Packages ?... What can I get for 500 or more...

New as apposed to Used?

I\'m looking for Zoom or Tascam WITH CDR installed into unit!


Thats it
Tonight I held a lone jam in the parking lot to flex my chops with my Banjo Uke, scarred off some of the hop heads that live in the apartments below, but man it was fun, just me the wind, the passing to fastly cars, the blinking lights of the radio tower,...

I wanted to walk over to play for the bunny wabitts but I thought better of it, what with bringing a 196? Dixie banjouke out into the elements with a big question mark of rain I held court in the parking lot, my nieghbors probably thought I had gone loony er something.

Fun times thought I\'d post, those wabitts should get a concert....