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SO, this past Sunday I went to my sisters dance performance at a local arts center. Lots of different dance styles lots of different music, including Carpal Tunnel Slug off of Pepper\'s Ghost! Yeah I was stoked too!

the dance piece that accompanied the track was titled "martial arts flick", and how appropriately awesome it was!

the dance involved four white ninjas (while being observed by their master) battling a giant 6\'7" or so raging drunken Master with long shaggy hair . There were bo staffs, crippling pinches, death touches, the whole bit!

My sis had no idea it was Big B.
One of the coolest surprises!  ;D.
With all these new tasty wedges being played at shows by the 50 foot Giant Man; I can\'t help but wonder when these tracks will appear on an album.

I thought I\'d start a friendly guessing game (no bets racing junkies) as to when the next Big B album would be released.

My imaginary money is on July 4th, not sure why. ;D

any thoughts bots?
(Wednesday + Buckethead + Me) x Awesome = MESS IN MY SHORTS

 ;D Can\'t wait!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Tour DVD
November 05, 2008, 10:06:11 pm
who else would absolutely mess themselves if a tour DVD was put together?  ;D

1. me
2. me
3. me
4. me
Upside down logo, but she put up with enough already
I have never purchased a Buckethead/Viggo album, I know it\'s hard to recommend music for other people but are there any particular ones that I should check out.  I heard a lot of it is pretty light and ambient with a lot of sound effects thrown in.  I\'d appreciate any info or input anyone has any summaries of what each album is like

Thanks bots much appreciated
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Effects question
February 22, 2008, 01:48:17 am
I don\'t play guitar nor know much about equipment, but one of my friends was wondering what kind of equipment Buckethead uses such as foot pedals or effects or whatever.
Anybody have any idea
A couple of poor souls on eBay are bidding for Buckethead\'s live CDs produced by CDOD live.
Currently the high bid for the Langerado live set is $100 and the Mishawaka set is around $40-$50.
Both of the CD sets are still for sale directly from for $17.99

I recently purchased both of these a couple of months ago.

This is the same seller who is selling how now brown cow on eBay currently as well.

I just thought this was interesting
I started taking pictures of myself as buckethead in different costumes, check it out I had (and am still having) a lot of fun


I\'m almost 100% sure I\'m not the first to notice this, but today I received the untitled death cube K CD and noticed that all the tracks are rearrangements of the letters death cube K.

That\'s pretty awesome
again I\'m sure someone else if not many have already picked up on this, but I hadn\'t read anything in the forum about it

anyway that\'s coooooooooooooooooooooooooo
 Any other TDRS regulars from Portland or other points of Maine hoping for an Eastern SeaBoard side of the upcoming tour

I understand Portland is highly unlikely but Boston would be great

Speak up Bing Buddies
Hell just say something if you live in MAine and like buckethead
i was wondering why somewhere over the slaughterhouse had not been reissued considering it is available in the download store, along with day of the robot.
Any chance of that ever happening Travis ol\' buddy ol\' pal ;D

It would pretty swell
i\'m not hear to bash maximum bob, everyone is entitled to their own creative notions and expressions....... but holy shit. i just bought the dawn of the deli creeps cd and man do i wish i could just eliminate the vocal trax. cut my ears off.
THE MUSIC IS AWESOME THO ( minus any spoken word whatsoever)
let me know if anyone else feels the same way
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Disney Album??!!
September 06, 2007, 01:28:36 pm
Has anyone else heard about a possible B-head disney collection to be released?