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Hi everyone,

As some old bots here may remember me, I\'m a French musician, and I\'ve just released my first album.

Like many of you, Buckethead opened the gates of experimental music to me, and made me discover Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Haino Keiji, Otomo Yoshihide, Russell Mills, Mick Harris...

Here is the link to the website where you can hear streaming clips or sownload other things...

Have a nice week end,

This thread must have been created at .tk already, I don\'t know, I don\'t read there.

Here is my suggestion (if I\'m allowed to think and write about it) :

Cobra Strike at Bucketheadland

on the order page of kind regards,

cd 1 has bucket\'s drawing.

cd 2 has brain\'s drawing, plus the shadow of bucket\'s one.

cd 3 has melissa\'s drawing, plus shadows of brain and bucket\'s drawings...

Does this have any musical meaning, like :
CD 1 is Buckethead solo, CD 2 Buckethead + Brain, and CD 3 Buckethead + Brain + Melissa ?
Hi Travis,
I\'d like to know if there is a release date set for the regular edition of the new dck...
You wrote "a few days", so I guess that\'s all you can tell for now. But in case you have more info...
Thanks !

Cobra Strike The 13th Scroll was the first Buckethead CD I bought, and Bill Laswell is credited for "invisible hand / subliminal projections".

I wonder what exactly Laswell\'s contribution has been for these recordings.

As this album has been created by Travis Dickerson, Buckethead (and Jerry Mano), I guess that Travis could tell us more about it ?

I am curious, and I hope to learn something about this fabulous CD. I\'m sure there is something to be said.
Anyone else considers the track "Bird with a Hole in the Stomach" as a tribute to RATM ?
I\'m wondering why it isn\'t mentionned on the back cover, as a couple of other influences are expicit for other tracks on this CD... Is it because it\'s too obvious ?
Anyway, I love this one especially.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / New IOLM cover
January 12, 2006, 09:33:42 pm
Travis, could you please tell us who is the maker of the new IOLM cover ? Is it Bryan Theiss, or not this time (couldn\'t recognize his style here) ?

What about the inside and back cover ? Are they made of some other new material ?
TDRS artists, music and related topics / kaleidoscalp ?
September 11, 2005, 06:21:53 am
Hi everyone, I\'m not very aware of everything coming out now... But I see people are mentionning Enter the Chicken... and I\'ve just read about Kaleidoscalp coming out on Tzadik records, Nov 22nd... (www.cduniverse.com) Nothing about it at the Tzadik page...
Anyonne knows anything ?