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Hi all,
I\'ve decided its time to sell the Buckethead prints I have...I always meant to get em framed and hung but i\'ve never gotten around to it.

I\'d like to give you guys first crack before I go to eBay here it is...

Here\'s what I got:

Painting #1 -  75/100

Painting #5 - 91/100

PM me with a serious offer if you are interested. I won\'t let these go for too cheap though...I can provide pics of the actual print if you want, just let me know.

Cheers and thanks for looking y\'all!
Travis, I see you have a Facebook artist page for yourself....awesome...I just became "a fan".

Do you have one for the recording studio where you can pimp your wares? I know a lot of fans on there would certainly market the hell out of it to all their friends.

Not sure what the capabilities there are in terms of making transactions but at the least, it will direct them to your site to buy your music....

Just a thought....
Hey Travis,
Not sure if you will ever read this or not but I had to tell ya!!

I had the LUCK of coming across two copies of Giant Robot NTT this year (best year of my life) so I decided that some other Buckethead fan deserves one instead of me having 2. What am i gonna do with two right?

Anyway, so I decide to do a raffle on and it just culminated tonight. The winner is taking home (i\'m sending it to them) a MINT condition copy of Giant Robot NTT...

The results: (Thats me)

The best part is...all i wanted to do is cover my costs and I told everyone that all "profit" for this raffle will be donated to Buckethead at and everyone was PUMPED. We didn\'t make a huge profit or anything (I think we were $40 over what I paid - I only paid $160 for it!)

I\'m about to donate it but I saw there was no space to write a note...I thought you would probably get a kick out of that. I\'ve been listening to Big B for 10 years (almost 11 now) and i\'ll never stop LOL!

Thats all I got Travis...thanks for being awesome and now that I think about it, I will donate to TDRS music as a whole and hope that you use some of it for yet another collaboration between you and our boy!!!

John Eddison