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(please dont mind that I posted this on the buckethead.tk board as well.)

I spoke to a friend today and he is a musician. (like a lot of the folks I´m befriended with)

I thought you might want to listen to a few tunes -
here is markus, the violinist


Your art, music, projects and links / Gibson MIII
September 21, 2005, 05:29:56 pm
does anyone of you fine young folks have information about this guitar ?
(when and how many were built..)
a friend got one, I think it´s the MIII deluxe maple/walnut. but we couldnt find much info on the net. so I asked at gibson.com but they only  said the production had been discontinued.
any info is very welcome

 -and I couldn´t find buckethead on their artist list - though I think he likes his white one very much...
c´mon bucket - play in austria again;
we´re nice people over here - see how we treat the precious  chicken!

Your art, music, projects and links / Cosmic Sounds
August 23, 2005, 11:08:29 am
sad news;
robert moog is dead.
General Discussion / favourite quotes
February 02, 2006, 11:43:38 am
while talking on the "fav. movie" topic this came to my mind. just post your favourite quotes! - (inspired by our very own mr. dirtface.)   there is a "buckethead - quotes"  topic on buckethead.tk and all - but I  couldn´t resist.

" certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful. "

Ian Faith, manager of  Spinal Tap

" live ?  what do you mean with live?? I am a movie-star, not an actor!"

alan swann ( peter o´toole) in " my favourite year"
General Discussion / HAPPY HOLIDAZE TO YA ALL
December 23, 2006, 04:41:05 pm
yep, this years holiday soundtrack is chicken noodles and bootsy collins christmas cd!!!

and chicken noodles is the xmas present to my friends this year too.

thank you travis for this place! and thank you for beeing such a nice and cool individual. a creative artist and a role model for the music business in general.

nice and peaceful holidays to all of you here and your loved ones!


General Discussion / happy easter
April 16, 2006, 05:18:21 pm
happy weekend to all of you! wether you celebrate easter or not - have a great time and enjoy !   :)


first hint I got from the official board

here is more info

Fall Ball (1/1)
Time: Thu Oct 26 2006 07:00 PM to Fri Oct 27 2006 01:00 AM
Description: Click to generate a vCalendar file to import into your off-line calendar

Pre- Homecoming event: Carnival with food, bands and other events.
The ultimate, all-night pre-homecoming party with special guest host Bootsy Collins! Food! Beverages! Entertainment! Performances by Buckethead, Animal Crackers, Freakbass, ICandi, and DJizzle. FREE for anyone with a UC I.D. and only $3 donation cover charge for the general public. Beverage and cover proceeds donated to a local charity. Sponsored by MainStreet, Student Government, Alumni Association, and PAC.

Organization: MAINSTREET
Requestor: Florine Postell 513-556-0905

hey all. we´re in for a real treat. thats for sure!! if you want to keep the  surprise. stop reading. if you dont mind spoilers.

here is eggmans review  he wrote for buckethead.tk.

Disc 1 Review (so far):

It\'s divided into 4 sections, The Creeps Nov. 1990 Show at the Cactus Club, the soundcheck for the same gig, Bucket in The Bsement w/Jas, and Bucket playing in the backyard.

Section I:

I have a newfound respect for the Deli Creeps. This footage is different than Secret Recipe, in that you can size up right away what the Creeps were about: Buckethead. Maximum Bob is really a sort of twisted MC, kind of narrating Bucket\'s solos and injecting comments throughout the gig. I think he actually sings on one song, which of course is injected heavily w/Bucket\'s playing. Pinchface was fun to watch, he plays a king of crazed character back there on the drums, his hairdo was like some kind of mullet-fro-hilarious. This is a very interesting gig to watch, I found myself staying with it all the way through ( by the way, the 8mm to DVD conversion came out great). An amazing event to watch, knowing what\'s coming up ahead in Bucket\'s career-those 12 people at the gig might not have had a clue that they were part of something historic.....

Section II:

Soundcheck for the same gig. Bucket just rips, standing off to the side. At some points you think you can see his face-it is blurred out for the most part, however in one segment near the end you can actually kind of catch a side-shot of Bucket\'s profile, it\'s obscured by his hair, but you can almost make him out. A real treat to watch.

Section III:

Bucket hanging out with Jas Obrecht in Jas\'s basement, creating goofy video with sound effects. Jas is a pretty funny guy to watch as well, looks like they really had a lot of fun. Bucket is wearing a bizarre see-through mask, you can catch his eyes quite a bit in this one, when he turns sideways to pound on the keyboards you can catch his profile-at one point he pulls down the mask to expose the top half of his face-another teaser. At the end of this clip, they hold up a Giant Robot poster as Bucket plays a few notes from same.

Section IV:

The backyard family gig is a trip to watch. He puts on a white KFC-type bucket w/his now trademark mask and pops out of the kitchen for a little show for family and bots. This is not Bucket unplugged, however, as he plugs into a little amp and cranks out there on a little chair in front of the beer coolers. He ran through his fully-loaded bag of tricks, something very few if any of us will ever see and hear at a backyard BBQ. He did his 2-hand tapping, blistering shreds, some funky popping stuff like he does on bass, and songs we have heard in his current gigs like When You Wish Upon A Star, Halloween movie theme song, and the now famous Hog Bitch Stomp. He even played the theme from the Exorcist. He was wrapping up when I think I heard "Play Star Wars little brother, I mean Buckethead" and of course he rips into that. I was watching this with my jaw hanging-it\'s just amazing work. At the end of the little show, the camera pans around the yard , showing the faces of the family members and bots-of course all smiling.

Can\' wait to check out Disc II..........

hey change, I´ll fly to nyc for the sept. 23rd show, then go to floridub to meet bille and norm and fly back to nyc just in time for the new haven show on 26th.

maybe we´ll meet this time! give life signs !  ;)

maximum funride, yesssss!!!  


first reviews are posted over at tk.. and pix from wakarusa.
and  there is also sound:
bucket@ wakarusa



you actually can hear people sing along to "pure imagination" - it´s sooooooooo nice!
TDRS artists, music and related topics / common ground
January 19, 2006, 11:07:39 am
I listen to  "common ground" again & again.

did I tell you I LOVE it?

ok, I lOVE IT!!!!!

I´m soo looking forward to the new thanatopsis album !!

 ;D ;D ;D
TDRS artists, music and related topics / NYC funride!
January 11, 2006, 08:19:56 pm
hi all you nice people, I´m back home from the big town!

it was fun, it was fun, I had fun !

sorry, but I have to post it here:

I´ve booked my flight !!!!   I´ll be there and see the bucketed one !!

omg - cant remember the last time beeing so excited ;

hello  bots, living in austria without a credit card means :
NO inbred mountain
NO deli creeps
and I dont want to support the ebay insanity thats going on right now;   maybe there is a compassionate soul out there who wants to trade.

I offer my most beloved

bucketheadland   ( 2 cd´s , not sealed but in mint condition)
bernie worrell - pieces of woo ( sealed)

for "inbred mountain" and "dawn of the deli creeps"


TDRS artists, music and related topics / gorgone
July 18, 2005, 01:41:18 pm
got it! and I really like it.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / kaiser´s gift
September 21, 2005, 05:11:09 pm
while listening to heny kaiser I thought of  the guitar he gave to bucket; and then what has happened? didn´t buckethead give it away ? a contest?
can we expect a talented young person open for the man someday ?

yes,. I can count that far.
7 shows are announced now, and I hope for you lucky boogers there will be some more .
in the US.

and even if I was crazy enough to fly over - I cant - no day off until week 47.

my hope was the chicago show on dec. 30th. but now I doubt if it´s gonna happen at all.

secret recipe, one of the years - there is this "senior prom" deleted memory.
if you remeber it, you get a vivid picture of what I´m doing right now...