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Topics - redwingfan1234

I picked up ONE extra copy at Bucket\'s show in Northampton last Friday. I figured someone here would want it if they can\'t get to one of Bucket\'s shows..

Anyway, it\'s up for grabs. I\'m not interested in pocketing cash. It\'ll be the same 15 dollars I paid for it at the show plus shipping. Let me know if you\'re interested.

Travis, I hope you don\'t mind me posting this on your board. I bought the extra CD with these bots in mind, so I didn\'t wanna post it anywhere esle.
Hey, I\'m trying to get into music theory right now, and I want to practice leads. Does anyone know what scale and mode the solo in "For Mom" (on Colma) is? I\'m pretty sure it\'s key is C, but then again I have no clue. Thanks for any help you can give me.
I saw an old portrait of the elephant man for the first time last night.
Buckethead seems awfully interested in this guy (although most people are). Does anyone think its possible that BH has his disease (or something similar to it) and uses his bucket and mask to hide it?
Does anyone know how Buckethead made any of the robot sounds (like on Breakfast Cyborg) or the computer sounds (like on Frankenseuss Labs, kick ass song btw)? Any info is appreciated.