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Your art, music, projects and links / Photography
December 01, 2009, 04:38:01 pm
Hey.. some of you know me from other boards I\'m no longer part of .. so this may be old news..

As a hobby I take photos, Its not as out there as most of the art buckethead fans are into.. but its what I do.. landscapes and animals and nature and whatnot.

so heres the link.. .

the first two pages are the best.. and it gets progressively more uninteresting as ya head toward the last few pages.

have a look, enjoy.. or not.

This is mainly a question for Travis, but figured if i\'m wondering there probably is someone else wondering this too.

Why is "Pity the rich" only available as a download these days?

Since seeing David Bowie in the 90s I\'ve been interested in Reeves Gabrels, and always curious about "pity the rich" a few years ago I got DPI "found objects" and have been interested in vinces work. Now I\'m really interested in "Pity the rich"

Being a person who likes physical music formats, and not a fan of the digital only format... I\'m wondering if this will ever be repressed? got any copies that you "forgot" to clear the studio of? curious about the cd- guess i\'ll be checkin ebay for now
So this has been on my mind everytime i hear track three off Axiology,  i forget the name, the disc isn\'t infront of me...

but .... is it just me or does it sound like a Beatles jam?  i forget which song by them too, (say the word and set me free?).  Was this done intentionally? or just a subconsious input? or is it just me?
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Thanatopsis
March 07, 2005, 08:22:49 pm
has anyone heard of this cheesey lookin band from chicago??
why are there two bands with the same name, one bad and one kickass??