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Hey folks!  If you have the ability to grab torrents and want a copy of this show (a few technical difficulties here and there with the show itself, but otherwise an awesome gig), head on over here:  


(free registration required)

I\'ll warn ya, it\'s a big\'un (almost 7 GB!), but it\'s worth it!  Very good quality audio and video!  Thanks to Joe, the taper, who hooked me up after the show!    

I should also mention, they have 10 other Bucket videos posted!  I haven\'t grabbed them all yet, but I\'m sure some people will.    8)    

Also, for you bandwidth-challenged folks, here\'s the audio only:


TDRS artists, music and related topics / Albino Slug
September 24, 2008, 07:34:24 am
Ohh, this is a good one.  If you liked all the other Bucket n\' Brewer releases, you will definitely go for this one.  They found some new direction and some new sounds, while maintaining what they had, at the same time, I think.  
Just wondering if anyone out there knows what\'s up with Brain these days?  

I mean, programmed drums don\'t bother me and I understand the simplicity of doing it yourself vs. bringing another person into the mix, but he\'s a great drummer and I find myself wishing for some recent output, preferably with Bucket of course.  They were just so seemingly inseparable for so long.  I think he may still be in GNR? *shudder*
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Stray Recods
August 19, 2006, 04:29:01 am
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone (Travis?) might know whatever became of this label, it seems that one minute they were around and releasing cool stuff (Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse, the No Forcefield albums, etc.) and the next they were gone.  

Anyone have the scoop on what the heck happened to \'em?  
I tell ya, the man is utterly relentless!  

Here\'s a link to the official site:


And it looks like it kicks off in Lawrence!  Woohoo!  I\'m goin\' to see Bucket again!  

The same guy, apparently.  Very interesting.  I certainly do like this new direction that Bucket has taken with this guy, Inbred Mountain, Elephant Man\'s, etc.  It\'s really, really good stuff so far, all of it.  Seeing them play last fall with Pinchface (Bucket & Friends) was also incredible.  Looking forward to the plethora of new material this duo is bound to generate.  

Just got my ticket for the 11/7 show today!  I\'m really looking forward to it, I think it\'ll potentially be better than the Bucket solo show I caught back in April at the same venue, even though that was amazing.  

Does anyone have any clue about the opening act, set duration, etc.?

TDRS artists, music and related topics / Axiology
September 09, 2005, 06:58:21 am
I\'m sure there\'s been a thousand similar threads in the past (not in the past 100 days, though, I checked!) but I actually specifically wanted to come here, make an account and a new thread about this album.  

I purchased it here a little over a year ago and somehow my appreciation for it seems to have continually grown, culminating in a listen on the drive home from work tonight.  It was just one of those times where the thing you have on is the most perfect possible thing, and there\'s no reason to even consider listening to something else.  

It\'s just such an amazing album, the mood and seeming mentality that went into its creation are just so unique, not to mention the unmatchable (and obvvious) musical skill and freedom that is so apparent.  

I really can\'t say enough good things about it, this is just sort of scratching the surface as far as I\'m concerned, but I suppose I don\'t have to do an entire analysis in one post.  ;)      

Like I said, I just wanted to come here to say thanks to Travis and also to mention that I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new CD, the preview track is tantalizing.  

I also wanted to say how cool it is to be able to purchase music directly from the artist, I don\'t have to wonder how much money goes to Travis or Buckethead, because the answer is all of it.  

And by the way, who is this Ramy Antoun guy and why haven\'t I heard him anywhere else??   He seems *way* too good to just be labeled or considered a so-called session drummer.  I mean, his drumming is so imaginative and fits the overall sound of the album so incredibly...  

Anyway, thanks again for recording such incredible music.  I\'m sure I\'ll be a fan of Thanatopsis and pretty much all of the other collaborations with Buckethead in particular and all of the rest of the gang for a long time to come.  All I ask in return is that you keep making more!   8)