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I was playing a bit the other night when I touched the rim around the neck pickup and Ann Coulter started talking out of my amp. I don\'t know whose show she was on as I moved my hand away pretty quick. Of course it had to be loud too so was like a bit of a shock! I don\'t know. I am not sure if the amp will ever sound the same now. Just what do I do now eh? Exorcism?
If you are at all familiar with just who this author is and what he represents you should understand the irony.

It is interesting how an admission of failure can be justified so. It is almost as bizarre as this...

And to think; this kind of reality can be had for the a simple library admission

Well, ok. Maybe it does cost a bit more than that.

But remember, we don\'t need to worry about security?!

Opps. I seem to have missed this one.

Amazing stuff ain\'t it? I know I am impressed.