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Topics - denske

Your art, music, projects and links / my tunes
April 18, 2005, 09:08:44 am
hey guys, i went to throw some beatz at yas, but didnt relaize i  had to be hosting them somewhere:(,, if anyone want to try them out ill upload one to ya,,, i made a quickie ,, with a "tdrs sample",, i havent  put it through soundforge" thats what i use " to kinda smooth out the edges so to speaks,, now i hear u studio techs laughin,, but im a newie an yah goota learn somewhere?,,  and i dont know all the terminolgys,, but im a quick learner:), so holler back aaaiiighgghttt, an have a listen, ok over an out guys
General Discussion / new guy on the board
April 15, 2005, 11:11:41 am
hi everyone,, im a newie here,, look forward to chatting to u all,,,, and possibly listen to a few of you,, u too travis, i saw in a post u have done stuff with the big bucket,, sweet, u must do whatever u do good,,, ok enough  sucking up,lol,,, btw im from australia, so any???? throw them this way, except about kangas in the main street , lol,,,, ok cya u  around the boards,,, over an out

ps,, im into making music too,,,, if u guys call it that, i muck around making beats and scratches on my pc,,, ok check ya\'s later
General Discussion / location location location
April 18, 2005, 09:17:32 am
so all,  i wasa wonderin, where are you all from, i dont want  addresses,, but state or town, country,, ill kick the ball off,,, im from the central coast of nsw, 45mins north of sydney, australia,, i just thought it might be a interresting topic. well either that or one off those "now playing topics\' man they run forever on boards dont they,,,, oh yeh and im 26 yrs old,,,,,,,,thought id chuckit in,,over an out
General Discussion / audio tools
April 19, 2005, 04:28:40 am
so guys i was wonderin, others than instruments and mixing decks, what audio programmes do u use,,  i use,
1. reason 2.5, with a handful of refills loaded, plus i also use recycle, and rebirth, reason is ssssoooo easy to use
2. fruityloops, occasionly, i cant make it not sound fake ,its too programmed sounding but nice effects though
3. soundforge, with a stack of plugins and effects, sometimes i use acidpro, but i get a bit lost,hehe, i am a newie
4. analogx scratch,, this is one of the better scratch progs i found, other than a couple of 1200\'s, but im sure there are more progs out there,
 and i think that basicly covers it, im just keen to know what the "industry" uses, but im seriously hooked on reason, been using it since it came out , over to u guys,
General Discussion / tours
April 19, 2005, 12:25:10 am
hey trav,, i  was wonderin, seeing though u know alot of bucketheads pals, and ol buckkety,, why does australia seem to be a black spot? i mean we get plenty of people out here, its a nice place,cuurency isnt all that bad, if they advertised im sure they could fill shows, any answers would be appreciated,