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I went to the show he played in The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on 7/02/16. Here's the setlist from the show.

1. Jowls
2. Gorey Head Stumps 2006: The Pageant of the Slunks
3. Soothsayer
4. Meta-Matic
5. Botnus
6. The Embalmer
7. Fountains of the Forgotten
8. Baseball Furies
9. Star Wars
10. Night of the Slunk
11. Nunchuck Intermission (some dubstep song)
12. Jordan
13. Buckethead's Toystore (w/ interlude: Pure Imagination)
14. Want Some Slaw?
15. Revenge of the Double-man
16. Lebrontron
17. Welcome To Bucketheadland (Bucketheadland version)
18. ? ? ?
19. Giant Robot Theme
20. Crash Victim
21. Nottingham Lace

From what I've seen of other shows he's played on this tour so far, it looks like he's been playing this same setlist at all of the other shows too. Only thing is I can't seem to figure out what song #11 or #18 is supposed to be. From what I can tell though, it's the same songs he plays in this video at 47:46 and 1:26:17

If anyone knows which songs those are, post them here and I'll update the setlist.
Just saw something posted on Facebook about it.
Apparently there's a limited edition press of a Buckethead shirt that will stay on sale for only 5 more days and won't be available anymore.
Here's the link.

Hopefully this is against any rules, I just thought the fans ought to know.

Buckethead's got three new pikes out already! Except it looks like he skipped right past #13. Not only does that seem unusual for him, but now it makes it even more unclear how many more pikes he's going to release.
I saw something very peculiar at a local record store while I was getting some more music.

Three days ago I bought Cyborg Slunks from Buckethead's Toystore since I had space on my CD shelf for one more album (this makes Cyborg Slunks the 30th Buckethead CD I've bought) which brings me to ask a few questions about the album.

1. First of all, on the website it mentioned something about Cyborg Slunks being a digipac which made me think it would be slimmer than a normal jewel case. Turns out it actually is a jewel case and is slightly too snug for my CD shelf. Was it ever a digipac to begin with, or is there any other reason it says it's a digipac in the toystore?

2. From what I understand, the track titles are Sneak Attack, Reopening Of The Scapula Factory, Infiltration, Aunt Suzie, and A New War Is Underway in that order. However, when I uploaded it onto my iTunes the tracks titles were displayed as Dawn Of The Cyborg, Living Robot Experiment, Atomic Slunk, Space Cadillac, and Congregation Of The Cyborg Slunks in that order. They're both the same tracks, but with different song titles. Why is that? (BTW, Atomic Slunk sounds like it might be a parody of Van Halen's song Atomic Punk)

3. Before I even came here I checked the Wikipedia article on Cyborg Slunks, and it does mention something about the album having a limited edition format with untitled tracks, but other than that it doesn't mention anything else about it. Is the limited edition any different from the regular release in terms of song quality or are they the same?

That's all the questions I have for Cyborg Slunks. Ever since Buckethead albums have been going out of print I've been frantically getting as many as I can get so that I won't get there too late. Haven't yet heard anything from this album. Also, as a sort of side question, does anyone know which Buckethead albums are digipacs? I already know Somewhere Over The Slaughterhouse, Electric Tears, and Electric Sea are all digipacs (The Pike series might or might not count).
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October 30, 2004, 03:59:03 am
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October 30, 2004, 03:59:03 am
Hi Travis,

Just a plea for more Thanatopsis. 1 and Axiology have not left the rotation since I purchased and I would love to hear this stuff live.  More please, thanks.