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Just stumbled upon  this:

QuoteGodzilla Sleeps Alone. A new record of music from all the usual suspects-Viggo, Buckethead, Travis, and Henry-along with rookie, Buddy. In seven (mostly) instrumental tracks, the players explore the introspective side of giant monsters, spooky astronomical anomalies, and the far more frightening real world.

I wonder whether this is all new material or release of previously recorded stuff. Are Viggo and Bucket recording at TDRS again?

Also, will this be released on CD (or at least as a digital download)? So far I see Vinyl only...

Best Regards

QuoteFeaturing a new title, new artwork, and re-recordings of "Redeem Team" and "Siege Engine".
"A Real Diamond in the Rough" Vinyl Edition pre-order is available now:

"Bucketheadland" Vinyl Edition pre-order is up:

There are various packages available, including a "Limited Edition" that contains a DVD. But no mention of what is on that DVD :o

(Also the most expensive package seems to contain a personalized recording on "Cassette Tape")
And now "The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock" Vinyl Edition pre-order is available too:

Just in case somebody hasn't noticed that there is a pre-order for "Crime Slunk Scene" Vinyl Edition available now:

I was quite surprised to see this happen. But a nice kind of surprise :D
Does anybody here know, if this "Death Cube K" album is a legit release? If so, is it new or some old material?


It's been a long time since he released anything under the name of "Death Cube K", I think. Would seem strange to release this in parallel to all the Pikes. But then... he might be trying to fool us ;)
Looks like there's a new Maximum Bob release available now:

Couldn't find much details about it tough. Wonder if this is a TDRS production? :o

QuoteTom Carroll, athletic director at Damien High School for 40 years until his retirement in 2013, passed away late Wednesday night after a lengthy illness at 84, according to current Spartans AD Jeff Grant. [...] Carroll had five children, daughters Lynn, Lisa and Laurie and boys John and Brian.

QuoteTo celebrate the Slunk Quick Sand Event, all available downloads through Pike 58 will be on sale for $2 beginning June 7-9th

For anybody who needs to complete his/her collection ;)

(Too late for me ^^)
Pike 60 - Footsteps is available for download!
Pike 57 - Night Gallery

What the heck has happened to the "Bucketheadland" logo? :o
Pike #50 - "Pitch Dark" - is out!  :o

Digital download available:

The new That1Guy album Poseidon's Deep Water also came out today. Pure coincidence ???

Viggo Mortensen - Piano
Buckethead - guitar tracks 1 and 9
Travis Dickerson-guitar and bass tracks 1, 4 and 9
D.J. Bonebrake - drums- tracks 1, 4 and 9
Henry Mortensen-bass-9

2013 Perceval Press

Just noticed this one on the TDRS main site. Did I miss something or why nobody else has mentioned this one before? :o

I'm not sure whether this is the album I have been waiting for, but maybe we are supposed to play them both at the same time? ;)