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These tracks have been given no official name, only played a few times (with the exception of the 2009 ballad) these are to  mind-blowing not to be released, along with the other 2009 tour songs such as (2009 Intro Song, Help! Help! Help!, and the other untitled song some fans have dubbed "Black Sabbath".
^ This is probably  the one track everyone wishes where released, there has been speculation about this one for years now.

*there is also a short clip of this song being played elsewhere at the mystic theater on 2/23/06:
^ This being the untitled 2009 ballad, which needs no introduction.

I\'m sure someday Buckethead will blow us away with what we have been been dreaming of with all of the amazing tracks he has composed that sadly end up going no where.

Weather it be Bucketheadland 3 or Buckethead plays Disney or something completely out of the blue with a plethora of new jaw dropping material, we hope he will release them when hes ready, but if not, these tracks need their own individual appreciation.

Thank you Buckethead for creating these pieces

Deli Creeps - The Palace - Los Angeles, CA - 11/4/00
I just learned about this show and i guess this was the first reunion actually labeled as the Deli Creeps with all of the original long time members since their last gig in the 90\'s to my knowledge being, The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, May 25, 1996. This is possibly the last show with Cousin Tony, i think.

But my main question is does anyone know if there is any recording of this show out there? that\'d be fantastic!
Thank You Buckethead & Travis!  :D  8)

Hey Travis! ;D

Just curious, but i have a question about the version of Forgotten Trail with the extended seven-minute solo released via iTunes on March 18th, 2009.

I\'m assuming this new version on the song was recorded by Buckethead after the original release of Albino on December 1st, 2008? i\'d love to know if that\'s true, or possibly any other information you know of the extended track.

Sorry if this is a re-posted question, i\'m sure this was posted around the forum back when sometime or another.

Thanks! :) 8)
Now avalible through iTunes, search Buckethead and Brain. 8)
i\'m 100% positive all of the bots have seen this video here one time or another that was taken from the supplemental cd included with the January 2006 Guitar One magazine

does anyone know where this was recorded? i\'ve pondered about this subject several times, think it\'d be interesting to know.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / TDRS Lost Shards
February 13, 2010, 11:57:35 pm
Hello Travis :)

Are there any unknown, possible, forgotten BH shards or anything like that lying around the studio? ;) ::) random Maximum Bob rants, or any disembodied substance that\'s been growing a little bit of black mold and starting to give off an oder? ;D

i doubt it, but while im making this thread, another thing i\'ve been wondering, have there been any pictures of the gang, during a recording like Iconography or Dragons, Running after Deer, or possibly a Bucketheadland ride?

just a thought, but i\'d think some things like that would be neat.