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hey guys just looking for some info here.
It says (1 unbroken track per CD.)
what does this mean? and can anyone give me a wee review of the album please!? cheers lads! ;)
Im a big Pat Metheny fan and I was scrolling through his reccomendations page and I seen this.

Very, Very cool from Pat...
I seeing things like this, just shows that Bucket is highly regarded as an amazing person/musician from a guy like Pat... Heart Warming I say! :P
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Divination
January 16, 2011, 08:12:00 pm
Im just looking for a review of the Buckethead album with Jah Wobble album (divination). Anyone heard it and can give me a decent review, it would be appreciated. Cheers!
Hey Travis, just something thats been on my mind.
As we all know you have done a lot of work with Buckethead and I undertsand you can\'t speak on behalf of him, but! Would you be able to shed some light on any of his most favoured albums? Maybe somethinge hes work on in the studio or with you that he has really really enjoyed the most? Hopefully you can comment.
Wouldnt harm anyone no?

Cheers man! 8)
Hey Travis, Happy New Year! Just wondering, will there be more albums made available for the download store?
I think it would be a good thing for us fans in the UK and in Europe. Means we could get albums instantly and not have to worry about custom charges etc.

You do enough for us anyway haha, just a thought.

Anyone care to give me a decent (non biast) review of the tracks on the album, maybe relate it to previous bucket albums? Im dying!! ;D
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Bucket advice
December 15, 2010, 10:04:06 pm
Hey guys. Im a big Buckethead fan and have been for a while now but I haven\'t got round to hearing all of his records, mainly some of the lesser known ones.
Just looking for some small reviews on the following;

The day of the robot
Forensic Follies
Needle in slunkstack
funnel weaver
any of the dck stuff
and any other stuff he did with Shin Terai or praxis reccomendations.

cheers  8)
Hey Travis, just a quick few questions...
On the album Axiology, do you have a favroute track in particular? If so why?
Also my favroute song on that album is "New Year" The piano on there is just....speachless its amazing, the whole track has a good vibe/meaning to it, I wondered
if there are any tracks on this album or any of the Thanatopsis records that have a meaning behind them, or was it basically just writing and jamming out a tune?

Any feedback would be great.
Kev... 8)