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Hey all,
I\'m really into making movies and whatnot, and since my comic isn\'t finished to show you guys, i wanna post some of my "art" in the form of a script.  It\'s kinda weird in the fact that it\'s about a talking cup of coffee, but isn\'t supposed to be totally surreal.  it\'s supposed to be silly with a little bit of funny dialogue (that\'s not in there yet, it\'s not supposed to be funny yet)

Here\'s what I have so far, and please give me criticism, i know i can count on you guys.


We see JOHNNY, an aspiring artist, sitting at a table at a generic coffee shop.  Close ups show that he is trying to write something, but to no avail.  He occasionally writes something down, thinks about it, and then scribbles it out.  An ICED COFFEE is sitting on the table next to his paper.  Exhausted, he rests his head on his paper, with a sense of failure.  A VOICE comes out of nowhere.

                  Hey Johnny, you giving up or something?

Johnny raises his head and looks around for a bit.  The place is devoid of any people.

                  (confused) who said that?
Right here Johnny.  Your vanilla iced coffee.  With half and half.
(panicked) Oh Jesus I'm schizophrenic.  I'm schizo-freaking-phrenic!
If you were schizophrenic, I wouldn't be the iced coffee you just bought.  I'd come out of nowhere, and would probably be a government agent or your college roommate.  Besides, you can't pay for one of your visions.
That's crap!  I have to be schizo, you're a talking inanimate object!
This is a lot more common than you think.
Oh yeah, my friends are always complaining about their steak trying to talk them out of eating them.  FOOD DOESN'T TALK.  I'm just crazy!
No one says anything about it, because they think they're going crazy.  Most people just eat the thing talking to avoid conversation.  You would think people would be more social to food.  It's the least they can do, we do keep them living.

Johnny still finds this all hard to swallow.  The coffee is making valid points, but it's still a cup of coffee.

Ok, if I'm not crazy, there has to be some explanation as to why you're talking.  Are you my subconscious or something?
Naw, I'm pretty sure your subconscious comes in dreams, and I can assure you this is not a dream.
... Are you a guardian angel or something?  Like a messenger of God?
Johnny, do I have wings?
No, but--
Then why would you think I'm an angel?  I don't have wings, no flowing robes, no harp... I'm a cup of coffee, man.  If you're going to compare me to something, I guess you could call me somewhat of a muse.
That's right.  I saw you struggling with whatever the hell it is you're trying to write, and decided to throw you a bone.

There is a short pause.  Johnny just STARES at the coffee (wide shot)

                  I have GOT to be crazy.
(Taken aback) Fine, you're a muse in the form of a vanilla iced coffee.
-With half and half.
Whatever, you're here now.  (leans back in chair and puts hands up) Go ahead, muse me up!
A tangible muse doesn't work like that.
I don't think there's such thing as a tangible muse, that's just a figure of speech.
Damn I picked the wrong guy to talk to.
Oh, well I'm sorry I ordered a talking coffee, you think I wanted this to happen?  No!  I wanted a tasty beverage to help get the creative juices flowing!
That's just what you got!
Wait... Can I drink you still, what are the ethics on that?
I wouldn't.  Do you really wanna drink something you had a conversation with?
More like an argument.
(Sighs) No, no you cannot drink me.
Well that was three dollars wasted.
Damn it by the time I'm done with you you're going to want to put me on your mantle and pass me on to further generations of the Marshall clan.
Well all you've been doing now is arguing with me!
Fine, guidance time.  We gotta go to Andy's house.
How do you know Andy?  And how do you know my last name?
I'm somewhat omniscient.
I think you're either full omniscient or not...  There's no inbetween.
How the hell would you know?  If I know Andy, and that you last name is Marshall, and that Susie Derkins dumped you on your birthday in the 8th grade right after you said in your mind "we're going to be together forever,"  but I don't know what happened to Andy on his seventeenth time seeing that "hobbit" movie in theaters, what makes me not somewhat omniscient.
... I have GOT to be crazy.
Fine, you're crazy.  I'm sick of arguing.  Can we go to where I'm supposed to take you?
Political and Social Discussions / V For Vendetta
August 06, 2005, 06:44:11 am
I don\'t know if you guys have heard of this movie, but it seems really intereslting.


I mention this in this forum because it poses an interesting question about terrorism and when it\'s right or whether it\'s right at all.  

It\'s pretty much about a very controlled society (i think 1984 when watching the preview) and focuses on a masked man who fights the system and causes chaos to try and overthrow the government in favor of his ideals(which, in fact, is the definition of terrorism according to my history book).  It\'s kinda cool because the character that\'s masked is masked to make him more of an idea than a person.  Really interesting.

It should get a lot of flak when it comes out, but it looks like it can be good.  It\'s got Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving in it (Mr. Smith from the Matrix and Elrond from LOTR), and is written by the wachowski brothers, who write really smartly.

Interesting side topic, did you know one of the wachowskis actually had a sex change?  He ran away with a professional dominatrix who took him/her on as her slave.  Really weird.  S/he likes to be called Linda now I suppose.  

I smell a remake of Glen or Glenda!  hahahaha.

Cuz... Glen or Glenda is a movie about a transexual, and v for vendetta was also based on a graphic novel.

I thought it was funny.   :P
General Discussion / Binge and Grab
January 16, 2006, 06:11:09 pm
Can anyone get on this site?  I\'m sure many of you have been there, but as of recent it keeps sayign i\'m not allowed access to this page.

It\'d be a real drag if B&G went offline.  If someone could just try and go there (http://www.bingeandgrab.com) and see what happens, I\'d find it great, thank you.
General Discussion / Re: Memory lane
February 05, 2005, 06:18:57 pm
Les Paul as in the guitarist?  I thought he was a big swing guitarist and stuff, stuff that would go in front of a big band....

Eh, now that I\'m listening yeah i guess that\'s more of a country thing.  My bad, i\'ve still got some listening to do.

Les Paul was pretty darn good though.
General Discussion / San Diego Comic-Con!
July 13, 2005, 07:58:26 pm
Is anyone going this year?  I sure as hell am, and boy oh boy am I excited about it.

I wore a buckethead tee shirt last year, and you wouldn\'t believe how many people recognized and liked his work.  That\'s how you can tell you\'re in good company  ;)

Also, as an added bonus, Tenacious D is playing saturday night in the exhibit hall.  This is beyond awesome.

Hope to hear some people are coming, have a fun time!
I find out Mitch Hedberg is dead, and then the bassist from Guitar Wolf has also passed yesterday, and then on my way home from getting coffee i freaking get a ticket for passing on the right to turn right when I shouldn\'t have been passing.  

My question is, what are the consequences of this?  I know it\'s something along the lines of a hundred so dollar fine, and a HUGE spike in my insurance rates (i\'m sixteen and have been driving for around two months), but what I\'m not sure about is if my liscence will get revoked or anything cuz i\'m still in the provisional period.

If anyone knows anything about that stuff (in California) please let me know, cuz i can\'t go back to getting rides.

Apparently he\'s dead.

This really sucks in my opinion.  His one liners and silly jokes made him my favorite comedian of the time.
General Discussion / communication through comics
February 13, 2005, 05:54:37 pm
I don\'t know if any of you guys with families of their own do this, but it\'s become sort of a tradition in mine to point out comics in the Sunday paper which portray some of our interactions.

 The frontrunner of these examples are Zits.  That guy really gets teenagers, haha, it\'s amazing how many times my brother and i read zits and it was almost an exact dialogue we had with our parents.

Recently though, some Non Sequiter and others have been popping up too, and i think it\'s a fun thing to do.

Try it out sometime. :)
General Discussion / Quest for the Cricket Bat!
October 09, 2004, 06:54:56 am
Hey guys,
As most of you know, i really really liked the movie Shaun of the Dead.  and now, naturally, i\'d really like a cricket bat.

I\'m trying to get one by way of the Shaun Squad.  IF any of you guys could click this link that takes you to the shaun of the dead website:  http://www.shaunsquad.com/shaunsquad/index.html?fuseaction=tools.invlink&u=spencercore&linkID=1

That would be greatly appreciated.

If you wanna join and we can all click each other\'s links for points, join here and help me out more please!


Thanks for any help in advance.  You\'re fulfilling one of a young child\'s dreams!  that\'s gotta get you brownie points somehow!  

General Discussion / buckethead effects question
September 19, 2004, 04:09:49 am
ok, so i asked about recording methods and got good answers, so naturally now (being a guitarist) i\'d kinda likie to know what effects buckethead mainly useds.  I hear he has TONS of toys, but i mean like the stuff that\'s most frequently in his setup both in the studio and on stage.

Thanks everyone!
General Discussion / Studio setups for the home
August 08, 2004, 05:30:47 pm
Hey everyone, i\'m new.

Now, on to my question:
I\'m trying to set up a home studio, but i honestly have no idea what i\'m doing.  Right now my setup consists of a M-Audio Duo and a Shure SM-58 Mic.  As you can see, i\'m totally lost.  I was wondering what programs and physical devices (mixers, mics, etc) you would recommend Travis, and everyone for that matter.

Thanks for your help guys.
Would anyone be able to clue me into what type of guitar setup Buckethead\'s rocking on either Bansheebot or Cyborg Slunks?  It seems like he\'s kind of getting a little more unique tonally (by which I solely mean the quality of his amp, not his actual playing style which we all know is very unique... duh, right, moving on), and I was wondering if it was any massive change in gear.


By the by, not that everyone doesn\'t know yet, but these cd are fantabulous.
Hey Travis, are you going to get in any copies of Bucket\'s Secret Recipe DVD?  They\'re at his latest shows, but those are all east coast ones.   :\'(
Does anyone know what type of Yamaha guitars Buckethead uses?  i\'ve only seen the one\'s he has used... well.. in his hands.
While listening to Please Tomorrow, I Really notice the potential the instrumental tracks have on movie soundtracks.

What is your standpoint on this Travis?  if someone contacts you wondering if they can use your guys\' music for a low-budget film and wanting your permission so he can submit it to film festivals, are you ok with that?

I\'m planning on filming a project of mine over the summer, and would really like to be able to use TDRS tracks, cuz without them, it\'d be me and my [sarcasm]awesome musical skills [/sarcasm] that would be put on the soundtrack.