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Topics - robotpie3000

Hey Travis,

I was wondering if Shadows Between the Sky will ever be restocked in TDRS again.

If you have any information please reply.
well since it is may 13 in hong kong already i thought i would just wish buckethead a very slunktastic happy birthday!
awesome new interview of buckethead and bootsy

it is hilarious. buckethead really keeps his character.
When I bought the DCK Non limited silver album from TDRS and i imported the songs int iTunes, I found out the tracklist was just basically anagrams of Death Cube K.

1) The Cake Dub
2) Hacked Tube
3) The Black Due
4) Duke Betcha
5) Eek Cud Bath
6) Baked Chute
7) Tuba Deck, Eh?
8) Take Ed Chub
9) Bake the Cud

is it the same for you guys whomever has DCK?
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Giant Robot Doll
February 22, 2011, 01:54:56 pm
Not only I\'m a big fan of Buckethead but I am also a big fan of Chuck the NBC TV series and when i was watching episode 16 of season 4 it seems as if Morgan (the bearded guy) is holding a Giant Robot doll at 24:41. Pretty cool heh? I bet they are secret Buckethead fans!.

Heres the link to the video:

I just found a thread at the tk and found this: when you mash computer master and slaughter zone exit from the albums BHL and BHLII respectively, they kinda sound synchronized. Could this be intentional or coincidence??? It sounds really cool though.
Hey bucketbots i really need your help. I have been trying to find a place online where they sell the Buckethead signature les paul that is shippable to Hong Kong and so far I have not yet had any luck. Can you please help me?
OK thanks to Bunghole30/Noodles, I have found out PetesBloodyHand now has a new channel called MeAndMyThreeDroogs.

i\'ve always speculated if this is Buckethead when he was young. i mean the curly hair and the michael jackson glove are two clues to my suggestion.
ok i know that the Slaughterhouse and Diamond album are gonna be repressed like Crime Slunk Scene, but there is one thing i dont understand.

does it mean when both 100 CD\'s are pre ordered you wouldnt be able to buy it anymore if you havent pre ordered?
Well I\'ve noticed a site in wikipedia that there was a new song in "The Elephant Mans Alarm Clock" called "Wake up Elephant Man". According to wiki it says there was a printing error and only 13 tracks were put in the CD.

so im guessing there might be a rerelease in "Elephant Man\'s"? something like what he did with "Enter the Chicken".
Well I have heard from various sources that a follow up to Enter the Chicken is planned. I also think its a great oppurtunity to stick in the live only songs such as The Embalmer and Help Help Help. What do you guys think?