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Wow what a trip down memory lane heading back to this site and what a roller coaster of emotions after reading the updates throughout the years about Big B and his health. I saw he was touring as short as one month ago in Colorado. Glad to see hes still going strong despite the health struggles that he has faced, this was a small but close knit community, Colma and Electric Tears are 2 albums that will forever impact my life and shaped my developing musical mind. I'll never forget seeing Buckethead at Murray Theatre in Murray, UT.

Wishing all the best to Big B and Travis for creating a safe space for creativity and music.
Ouch things are getting fierce in this thread. Lets all just take a deep breath and realize that if Travis cant meet our every need like he usually does that we will be okay.
BLAST! Stop posting on here, I keep getting excited thinking there will be ACTUAL tour dates instead of discussing whether or not he is going to go to a festival.  :P
No he said Tour DATES to give us a heads up to get a date for the concert that is coming up. :P
Wow seriously 120?! You would think that was Bucketheads ACTUAL strap. I bought one, but I just got it in white for 20$ or so, great strap in my opinion and its always fun to stretch now and then.
BLAST! I was hoping there would be a slim chance that he could swing through SLC Utah before June 22nd when I leave the country  ??? This does not look promising for that to happen
Oh baby what a time to release it with Lebrons spanking of Kobe.
Yay Blake Griffin won.  ;D

In one of the best dunk contests in years, although Blake\'s final dunk was all show, the elbow on the rim was insane, and I gotta hand it to Ibaka and McGee, they all put on a show tonight.
WOOOO Yeah Blake Griffin! Up next a Jimmer Fredette tribute I hope? ;D
Try getting a bigger amp, also playing with a wah pedal you can usually pick up on a station, oddly enough it is a mexican station that I can pick up too. :P
Hmm noone has given any love to Neil Peart so I would have to sayyyyyyy

Buckethead - guitar, nunchaku
Dave Grohl - Whatever he wants because he is super talented, he even plays a mean triangle.
Neil Peart - Drums
John Paul Jones - Like stumpleganger, JPJ is super underrated, not to mention he has the same birthday as me.
Paul Gilbert - Gotta have some epic guitar battles and facemelting solos with PG and Buckethead, both have similar playing styles but make it their own.
QuoteAs i recall Buckethead wears cloth over his eyes so you can\'t see them, in 08 he was walked on stage the same way at Toads, and i was in the front row.

When I saw him at Murray Theatre I am 100% sure that I could see his eyes and have seen numerous pictures with his eyes showing....
Ha looks like the guitar has stuck around at 1000$ for the past 3 days. Someone should just try to snipe it on the last day, good times. ;D
thats insane... a 550$ guitar is already at 800$ after the first day, and its used, well by Buckethead of course but... I guess I have no chance of winning any coop items.:P
You are forgetting to add the bucket. :P