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^^^^ lol

I like that one, i don\'t know why the bunny creeped me out a little
Quotethanks everyone!
check this link out...i found some rusty metal along the train tracks and brought them home and totally gave them a makeover

that\'s awesome, very imaginative
^^^one word.

^^^^i love it.

btw congrats.  on hitting the big 50 mark ;D
i drew this one a couple of days ago, it\'s my first somewhat detailed drawing in about 2-3 years

his name is Brutis ;D
oh, and these. ;D

Burger Lord

Room with a moose

Tater Tot Joe

Evil Lurks Within

Electronic Zookeeper\'s Revenge

tell me what you all think of all of them
Got some original electronic music for ya.
Man, if I had a decent paying job I would have to have one.  Sadly I don\'t. >:(  The les paul looks amazing though bot ;D
Honestly how much would this cost?  That looks great bot.  and Welcome ;D ;D
Sounds good.  That\'s how I do it too!  cept since I can\'t sweep for shit I have to use string skipping like Paul Gilbert. :P
Anybody? :-/
Wiring if this helps

for parts I THINK your mainly going to need different pots and a battery.
EMG 81/60 active pickups.

I\'m selling them for 150 for the set but will go down to 125. Keep in mind that this would save you about 50 bucks if you were to buy the set anywhere else new. If you just wanna buy one of the pickups obviously it\'ll be half of the set price.

If you\'re interested in purchasing these amazing pickups hit me here or in a PM

i really like the BH transformer one and the Bucketheadland one ;D
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Music Theory?
January 25, 2009, 09:38:02 pm
do the paul dvds actually have different licks and styles to learn though or is it just variations on techniques that he taught in previous dvds?