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Great work Lefty! I dig your style! Any cartoon strips of the last few?
Very nice work lefty you are a very talented guy!
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Paint fun
March 24, 2009, 11:37:47 am
Very nice work ZQ, you are very talented. Thanks for sharing!
I think you could sell your daughter\'s art on TDRS Duckster.
Thanks for sharing that story ella was a great read. You had me pondering and thinking real hard on this one.
That\'s prett amazing ella congratulations!

Also enjoyed the Halloween vid 8)

no, i\'ve become less and less the consumer, but i was definitely tempted by some masks and what not :)

i was given lots of fun stuff for free, most of which i shipped off to a good buddy who\'s a bigger geek than i am, hehe!

I just love the toys from Comic Con. I have a Comic Con Batmobile from 2007. My work/desk area at home looks like a "freaky toystore" as my wife calls it.

Ella sorry to derail the thread! Diecast cars are my outlet, however not too creative. What you do requires talent. Buying stuff does not.

not that I recall... but i saw Totoros and Nosferatu!

What did you buy there, anything?
Quoteah haha!  i saw plush Cthulhu at Comic-Con!!

You were at Comic Con!? Did you see any Hot Wheels?

And Ella that mantle piece is off the chain! Way cool!
Ella you should design materials for dress designers-would make killer summer dress material! (I\'m saying that in a manly way). ;)
Nice! Nothing like a lit gnome to brighten up the day. He blends in well with his surroundings.
^^Is that how Bucket\'s main roadie named his drumsticks? :P
Ella you are a multi-talented person, I really enjoy your work! Dig the Floyd vid quite a bit! Thanks!
Nice work Rip.
Chris -explain these vids to me. It looks like you are getting ready to rock out on a drum beat, then, I don\'t hear any bass! I\'m confused easily, plus I have poor hearing. Help me out here. What happened and what\'s the latest?