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This is very cool that so many musicians can exchange ideas and post music.  Thanks to everyone sharing and creating.  I\'m hoping to have some of my stuff up soon including some BH covers.  Out in the sticks of Montana it\'s hard to find others who are musically minded so this is a very cool thing.  anyway when I can get to it videos will be at  Thanks!! ;D
Hi Guys,
Just a quick note to correct a statement on here.  The ice storms did create havoc for white farmers, my family is one of them.  I live in Montana.  No we didn\'t have a stadium to go to, our local government told us to find our own way.  Many of the families are still homeless or living in rickshaws. Most are relying on public assistance.  Now, we did not experience the magnitude of New Orleans and the following tragedy that has occurred there.  It is truly a shame upon our government.    But please, I ask of you, don\'t assume that farmers can\'t lose everything or that we did not lose our homes.  It is over and done with and now it is time to rebuild.  But I must agree many celebrities and political people overlook small tragedies all around them.  I do appreciate someone noticing current events like these and posting about them.  Thank you.
I finally ordered the complete set today!  Just in time too from what I gathered.    :o
Can\'t wait to be one of the only ones in Montana with it!  :D

Thank you guys for undertaking this massive operation to give something to your fans, it is deeply appreciated by all.