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Due to the fact that every song is untitled, and that I tend to play them all off a huge playlist I compiled on my computer, I have no idea where my favorite tracks are.  I know what they are when they come on, but damned if I could find them again.

You might say I\'m constantly In Search Of The tracks I want to hear.

Ok, I apologize for that, I couldn\'t help myself >.>

Oh, I know one I like!  Disc 1, track 3.  Sounds like someone took some traditional light jazz and put it in a blender.
Huh, I just got mine about a week ago.  Lucky timing, I guess.
What was the inspiration behind it?
I love your unique cover, cool stuff.
Yeah, really digging the blue ink.

And coolwalking, it\'s very possible you\'re one of the coolest people ever.
I usually get stuff within 3 days of ordering, and I\'ve heard other having similar experience.  It\'ll be close, but you\'ll probably get it.
Apparently, FLAC is an open source audio codec, it stands for "Free Lossless Audio Codec".  Several audio players support it by default, WinAMP(might need a plugin), Foobar2000, and Windows Media Player(with a plugin).

Others might as well, and I personally use Foobar.  So yeah, set up your preferred audio player, and they should play your FLACs.

For more info/downloads:
Yeah, if you download NTT, be a good bot and donate.  Buckethead has to eat too!
Er, I\'d say take your time and digest what you\'ve already got/got on the way.  Buckethead is like a feast of music, you have to take your time and savor each course.
Whoa, first I\'ve heard of this, very exciting news. I\'ll be keeping an eye out for this one.
TDRS artists, music and related topics / Re: Shards
June 05, 2007, 03:45:32 am
Huh, I wasn\'t really thinking about this album much, kinda burnt out on acoustic stuff, but if it truly does sound similar to Cuckoo Clocks, and not say, Colma, I might have to check this out.

Not that Colma was bad, by the way, it\'s just not what I\'m in the mood for lately >.>
Got my copy of The Elephant Man\'s Alarm Clock the other day :D

I have to say, those that recommended it were spot on, I was blown away by how fantastic it is.  Droid Assembly especially has become one of my favorite songs.

Thanks for the recommendation :D

i had someone ask me for ISOT.. i pretended i couldn\'t speak english

Ah, thanks for the links.  Appreciate it.

I\'ll download \'em, and promptly pay my share as well.

Thanks again, I hope no one has a problem with you posting those.