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Well I gotta say I\'m pleased that Bucket\'s parts stayed in a lot of these songs. I expected that Axl would have Bumblefoot rerecord all of his parts. I don\'t care for the actual album much, I get a little annoyed with the singing most of the time. Even still, hearing Buckethead behind it is really cool, worth a listen for sure.

unless you could download it right?

How would you download an action figure?


Nope it ain\'t on there. The one I\'m looking for is the one that Buckethead uses. It\'s an optical illusion. He straps this thing on his arm that looks like a glove, which is holding his own wrist, this glove also has the stump of the hand sticking out the other side. So he moves his real hand, which looks like the decapitated one.

Here it is in action:
The part where he uses it is at about 6:32, it really is quite cleverly designed.
Well, thanks for your help, but I searched all over the Halloween Express website and could not find that decapitated hand glove that I want. I\'ve been trying to think of how to make it, and it would be really tough.

But Solar I agree that having a Buckethead action figure would be really cool. Buckethead himself must have one, maybe the only one, the one used or the cover of Secret Recipe. When I ordered the Secret Recipe DVD I actually thought that I was going to get a Buckethead action figure, from the pics on the internet it looked real.

Whatever, it\'s a fun thing to think about, we\'ll probably never see anything like that in the toystore though.
Well, I\'m sure all of us Buckethead fans know he has a lot of strange toys, including action figures, masks, and a bunch of other wierd stuff. Does anyone know where he gets all these crazy things?

I\'m really interested in trying to find one of the decapitated hand gloves that you see him use. Does anyone know where to get one of those, or how one would go about making one? Also, does anyone know if there are any existing Buckethead action figures, like the one seen on the cover of Secret Recipe.

I think that would be a really cool thing to have in Buckethead\'s toystore, actual toys!
I really look forward to it, but I really don\'t think it will be anything like a "Colma 2" like everyone is expecting. I think it will be a more raw sounding and more improvised album. Also remember that Colma was a very emotional album for Bucket, whereas this album will likely not have the same emotion. Nonetheless it will be an amazing album that I will have to order. While I\'m at it I should finally get the Young Buckethead DVD\'s that I\'ve been wanting for so long but postponing to be able to afford other Bucket albums.
Well, that would be quite interesting. I\'ve thought about what Buckethead would sound like if he covered Malmsteen, since it is different from any styles he\'s done. However, Bucket is so good at making his own songs. Maybe one day we\'ll se a neo-classical side of Bucket, because I don\'t think we have yet, at least not in any songs I\'ve heard. And he obviously likes neo-classical, since Malmsteen is one of his influences.

That\'s something to think about though, a neo-classical Buckethead...  :D
Dude I\'m sure your fine, I have the same problem, and seeing as how I just found out about Bucket only about a year ago, I don\'t think I\'ll be getting tired of him any time soon, I have a lot of CD\'s that he\'s on that I have to catch up on buying. And where I live we can\'t even get Buckethead CD\'s, I have to have them shipped in from TDRS or amazon. So far I already have 11 CD\'s with Buckethead, all of them bought within the last two months, most being Buckethead albums but some being stuff like Gorgone and stuff like that.

So, my diagnosis is simply that it isn\'t your fault, it\'s Buckethead\'s fault for creating such amazing work... You\'ve just been brainwashed is all, and you\'re not the only one.
The album cover for CSS is still the same as the original I believe, it\'s the same picture in the store as it\'s always been. The CD cover is a picture of some guy with glasses, I don\'t know who it is... Never looked into that.

As for IOLM, I beleive the cover changed, but I wasn\'t a fan of Buckethead way back then so I never got the original album. I didn\'t even know it was repressed, but that would explain why the picture for IOLM is different in the store than the one in the download store. I\'m guessing the picture in the Download Store is the original, and the on in the regular store, the copy I have, is the repressed one. Hopefully someone who\'s been around longer can shed more light on the subject. Hope I helped though :)
WHAT! I\'m a little bit confused here as to how many CD\'s have been ordered... Yesterday it said 21, and then I ordered one, and today it says 19? Is this accurate or is there any way of getting an accurate reading on this?
This question has been asked a few times over the years. I searched the old boards and found these:

This is from 2002

This is from 2003

So as you can see, it\'s somewhat of a mystery that has kept Buckethead fans in anticipation for years, just as the fabled Colma 2 has, and possibly may not be released until further in the future. I still wait for this album, I really look forward to it, and I think about it  every couple of weeks or so, but all we can really do is wait...

Maybe Travis can shed some more light on this in this post, if there\'s been any new progress at all in the last four years, if it will ever be released, or if it is a forgotten project. To me it seems like this isn\'t something Buckethead would just forget about or ignore, it seems like this would be one of his favorite projects to do, and perhaps like superslidetail said, it may be saved for his last release... If that is the case, I hope I don\'t see it released for at least another 40 years, because if it marks the retirement of Buckethead, it would be an amazing, yet sad gift to his fans...

All my covers have the same picture on except one of the covers which shows 3 heads on a plate, with the plate being held by some character (Buckethead?).

Ya I think all of them are like that, mine and all the pictures of others that I\'ve seen have pivtures of Buckethead on all of them, execpt for 1, which is different. The drawing that wasnt like the others for my set was a really small head type thing floating in the air, and two stick thing underneath it pointing diagonally outwards... I don\'t know what it\'s supposed to be... But who cares, it\'s abstract art!
Just got it earlier today, and my number is 259
We\'ve got a long list coming up...  :P
These are just my favorites in order of how I thought of them, and then after a quick glance through my library to cover the ones I forgot.

Hog Bitch Stomp
Big Sur Moon
For Mom
Watching the Boats with my Dad
I Love My Parents
Nottingham Lace
Wishing Well
Colma (So delightfully eerie) :)
Sketches of Spain
Welcome to Bucketheadland
I Come in Peace
Want Some Slaw?
Binge and Grab
Star Wars
Johnny Be Slunk
Lotus Island
Flock of Slunks
Plastination Station
Jump Man
Stick Pit
The Ballad of Buckethead
Night of the Slunk
Nun Chuka Kata
Goro vs. Art from Mortal Combat
Final Wars
Baseball Furies (my favorite) ;D
Lurker at the Threshold (Parts 1-4)
Droid Assembly
Bird With a Hole in The Stomach

Ok, there\'s so many more!!! But that\'s all I can go through, I still need to get a lot more albums  but these are my favorites from my collection.
I don\'t the tracks should need a name, when Buckethead names tracks, I\'m sure he has a personal reasoning behind it, I don\'t know, I\'ll just be naming my tracks as they are, just numbers.

My naming will go something like this:
Album: ISO-I, ISO-N, ISO-S, ISO-E1, etc.
Tracks: 1-I, 1-II, etc. number being CD#, Roman Numeral being track #

It\'s not like I\'m going to be able to remember actual track names anyway so what\'s the point of naming them.