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I agree, it\'s beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Yes, this is indeed a great disembodied painting. Thanks for sharing !
Great stuff ! It\'s the first time I hear your works, and I like it. Your acoustic song is nice, with an interesting guitar sound.
Best wishes,
Thanks Chris for checking my music, I appreciate your efforts a lot (dial-up - we tried to make the site light, but the audio files are still... hmmm... audio files).

Yes, Asian (not only Japanese) musicians/cultures are having an effect on my music and my life.
And yes about classical, I have spent my childhood listening to classical music exclusively with my family.

I don\'t know Ozric Tentacles well. I\'m sure I\'ll check them again someday.



Thanks for your reply and interest Chris.

I forgot to recommend to all bucketbots to download my free EP "COMPROVISE(d) I - alternate versions".

Buckethead\'s influence can be very well heard, especially on the track 5.

Enjoy !

Hi everyone,

As some old bots here may remember me, I\'m a French musician, and I\'ve just released my first album.

Like many of you, Buckethead opened the gates of experimental music to me, and made me discover Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Haino Keiji, Otomo Yoshihide, Russell Mills, Mick Harris...

Here is the link to the website where you can hear streaming clips or sownload other things...

Have a nice week end,

Thanks for the nice comments about my work. I liked everyone\'s contribution. For now, my favorite one is DisembodiedLoaf\'s video. Has Lovecraft been an inspiration for this one ?
still in.
Thanks to everyone for your votes and very nice comments and thanks to the contest organizers for your generosity.

As I said before, I enjoyed every video posted, and with this contest I\'ve understood how many great Bucket-influenced musicians there are now in the bucketbots. Buckethead must be very proud of your hard work. You all deserve the Taxidermist status.

My vote goes of DisembodiedLoaf
my video is done. It\'s hard to keep it and not post it on youtube. I can\'t wait !
OK, I can\'t believe that this thread I started went this far. I think I have been cautious enough when I said "if I\'m allowed to think and write about it". But I was thinking of Buckethead allowing me to do so, or not, and I was not thinking of others fans not allowing me to suggest this.

I usually don\'t like when titles are being made by fans after a release if it doesn\'t have titles. But I\'m not angry at people doing so.
This time, we got an "advance cd", and I have the same feeling when I listen to it as when I discovered the Cobra Strike albums, as well as the Bucketheadland ones.
Maybe should I have simply said this, instead of trying to build a title for the disc. Not because I think it was unrespectful towards Buckethead, but because I would have prefered to avoid another war here.

We will soon reach a point where I\'ll simply never post here again (my posts are rare already), in fear of getting patronizing comments from other board members.

Sorry to Travis and Buckethead for having brought a new fight here, and sorry to Buckethead if he didn\'t want us to let him know what his new music brought to our minds. If that\'s the case, Travis, please delete this whole thread, and the message will be clear enough, I\'m sure noone will ever try to name a Buckethead album in the future.

This thread must have been created at .tk already, I don\'t know, I don\'t read there.

Here is my suggestion (if I\'m allowed to think and write about it) :

Cobra Strike at Bucketheadland