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Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
November 23, 2010, 02:45:13 pm
Those are done in Strike - a plugin for Pro-Tools...

Need to work a bit on the fills in Donkey Punch but i\'m pretty happy with the drums on The Passageway - i feel they sound pretty natural for the most part...
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Post your music
November 23, 2010, 02:16:04 pm
Oh\'s two of my latest tunes from my forthcoming album...these are not final mixes...

This one has a guest soloist from TK named Jnukes2....he did a killer job! Song and solo will be re-recorded for the album...

I love listening to everyone\'s tunes....very nice work all!
Hey thanks! Ella_Mental! :)
Check it out if you wish...

So uhh..I do both rock music and hip hop beats. You can hear a few songs of both styles on Myspace.

Enjoy! (Or Don\'t!)  ::)
QuoteBeing 100% honest here, if the CDs were only available in digital format/CD-R, I would just download them for free and make my own copies. I\'d be more likely to buy an overpriced copy on Amazon than a jank one from TDRS.

I can\'t believe you just wrote that on this forum. What\'s wrong with you man?
Good post Travis. You can never rely on can only rely on cash...

If people are willing, they should pre-order (pay for) the cd and once there are 50 (or whatever the magic break even number is), then the discs are pressed and delivered. They should know that this may take a while...

You could throw on an expiration date...i.e. If within 6 months from the initial offer, you don\'t have enough pre-orders, then everyone gets their money back.

This way there is really no risk to anyone...

However, i admit i don\'t know all of the details that come into play, but based on my knowledge, that may work.

It all depends if people are willing to put up the cash knowing they may not get the album for a while, or not at all.

Hi all,
I\'ve decided its time to sell the Buckethead prints I have...I always meant to get em framed and hung but i\'ve never gotten around to it.

I\'d like to give you guys first crack before I go to eBay here it is...

Here\'s what I got:

Painting #1 -  75/100

Painting #5 - 91/100

PM me with a serious offer if you are interested. I won\'t let these go for too cheap though...I can provide pics of the actual print if you want, just let me know.

Cheers and thanks for looking y\'all!
Duckhead is the man!!!

Loing time no see Duckhead...I hope all is well in HI! :)
Can o\' Worms!! :)

Everyone\'s got a different taste for Buckethead stuff...

Here\'s what I recommend:

Giant Robot 1994 (if you can find it - for me its his #1 album)
Elephant Mans Alarm Clock
Inbred Mountain
Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot
Dragon\'s of Eden

Good luck finding your preferred style!! :)

Uhhh hey David. This contest is long over dude...

Didn\'t run? he paid for the contest as did Bucketdog and myself this was supposed to be fun...but its cool. I\'m gone as well...most people on this forum wouldn\'t know what common sense or originality was if it hit them in the face with a baseball bat.

What? He contributed to the prize money...that doesn\'t mean he ran the contest. He did no communication about it save for the fact that he contributed. Bucketdog ran it and him and I have had a PM conversation and as far as I know, we\'re good.

Anyways, why are you all acting like little girls at a tea party? Take the feedback constructively as it was given with class and learn from it. Don\'t take your ball and go home.

Man, you just insulted "most people on this forum"....nice sense of community ya got there. If you were referring to me, that\'s cool...i can deal with that but if that\'s the case, you should call me out directly or PM me. If you really are talking about most people on this forum, then why were you here anyway?

This has gotten silly and out of hand. I provided feedback about the contest and people got all fired up about it and started insulting others. I\'m sorry I didn\'t kiss up to the three of you because you were offering up such a generous prize (which it is).  

All I said was that communication and execution could have been better...if you can\'t take that feedback (Bucketdog did by the way), it is no longer my issue.

We\'re all Buckethead fans here and we love his music...everyone doesn\'t have to like one another because that\'s unrealistic in life, but we can try to get along.

Stick around\'re obviously contributors here...just don\'t take feedback so personally.

Well that\'s sad....because someone provided feedback on a contest that you did not run, you\'re gonna stop posting here?
I don\'t think its weird at all that people disappeared. That\'s what happens on the internet...people can commit and not follow through. It happens all the time. The 3 month wait could have been a reason for people forgetting about the contest though. A shorter timeline could have produced more excitement and bots would have been all over it methinks...

But like ants said...its a nice and very generous prize and we got to hear some cool songs and see some cool vids. All in all, a great idea.

And Badger, laying out the guidelines of the contest and leaving it there (and updating the initial post) is not handholding or providing training wheels. That\'s normal contest communication.
Or more appropriately...

Can you remember this? You better cuz it will change and be edited a few times.

LOL indeed!   ;D
I can see why this is confusing for many of the contestants. I went back in all the threads...and there is not a single post that says "The Due Date for submissions is X"

I thought I saw something about March 5th at some point like someone else said. I thought it was this thread...but i can\'t find that post anywhere. I do see that this thread was edited on Feb 26th to say pretty much nothing though.

All of a sudden, it was "Post your videos"

I\'m glad i got to hear a few tunes though...that part was good.