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You can count me in...I\'d buy every release on vinyl in addition to the CD versions and I\'d be more than happy to take part in a pre-order.
I really hope you get it. Caiman are notorious for listing CD\'s they don\'t have and can\'t actually get and they\'ve upset quite a few bots over it.
Travis has already auctioned off two of Bucket\'s paintings here so it is a possibility (I\'m sure he\'ll let us know eventually whether it\'s going to happen one way or the other). They were bought by Geranyl and xenergyx, two nice folks over at the forum. That\'s the great thing about Travis auctioning them here - the paintings are proudly owned by two Buckethead fans and have stayed in the Buckethead community. I have awful visions of what would happen if they ended up on eBay, I can see them just sat in someone\'s closet, totally unappreciated, while they wait to cash in on the next time there\'s a surge of interest in Bucket.

I really hope the originals do get auctioned, I didn\'t have the funds to join in the bidding last time and would love an original too.
My order arrived today! Thanks Travis!!! ;D ;D ;D

To give other international bots an idea of delivery times - I\'m in the UK, I ordered on the day of release (14th Feb) and it got held up in customs (and I was charged for the pleasure...heh). Hope that helps.
1. For clarification: Just because something goes out of print doesn\'t suddenly mean it\'s legal to share. You still need permission from the copyright holder to share it. Permission was actually given to share NTT, which is the reason it\'s legal to share, if you follow me. And yeah, the right thing to do is donate.

2. You can get a load of legal live downloads from the live music  archive at
QuoteIs Cuckoo CLocks of hell out of print? I\'m having a very hard time getting it

I don\'t know, but you\'re right - it\'s disappeared from all the usual places. Amazon Marketplace has a \'Like New\' used copy at the moment:

This happened about a year ago when I was after a copy for my girlbot - nowhere had a copy and then about a week later every store had it in stock. Presumably the current pressing had just sold out and then it got repressed (the copy I got for my girlbot has much lighter artwork then my copy from when it was first released). Maybe that\'s what\'s happened this time.

well, this is the official picture on amazon, not a user image(though a user was kind enough to post a color pic).
why would amazon mess up artwork?

There\'s an outrageous amount of stuff messed up on Amazon (I\'m always submitting corrections). But it doesn\'t necessarily mean it was Amazon staff who got it wrong - when the listing for Funnel Weaver was first added it could have just been added by a fan who submitted a black and white scan, which then stuck.
Quotehaaa, yes, snubnog + bigbri -  that beatles comment IS funny!!

Hehe works on so many can\'t write material that good!
QuoteI\'ve downloaded past albums, but only because they were out of print. I\'m pretty sure that\'s legal. Or so says the .tk board.

It\'s not legal to download albums just because they go out of print. And for the record, that isn\'t the general consensus at the .tk board either. Permission is always sought from Bucket via Greg or Travis or whoever before any oop material is shared. e.g. Permission was granted for the Giant Robot NTT & Blueprints downloads and to share the Binge Vids.

QuoteHowever, downloading a fucking Beatles album isn\'t morally wrong. They\'re all dead.  

That is, bar none, the funniest comment (albeit unintentionally) I\'ve ever read on the internet! I laughed so hard I actually started crying...thank you so much, you really brightened up my day!

don\'t think this is right link sent me to lady\'s speed stick add

then to the tk then to an error page, exclusive aint they...

oh well?

Chris DiCicco

The main entrance hasn\'t been working for months, try this:
He does indeed have a correspondence address. It\'s at the bottom of this page:

I\'ve had a personal response from him back in the days when he ran the toystore himself. I know other folks have had a reply too. I suppose it depends on how busy he is at the time.
iTunes grabs track names from an online database called Gracenote. Absoutely anybody can submit info for new CD\'s and change existing info. It\'s just like Wikipedia.

I\'m really surprised just how many people don\'t realise this. There were some folks over at .tk that actually thought Bucket himself had labelled them \'copyright free\'.

Gracenote isn\'t the only cd database either. For example, Exact Audio Copy uses

You\'ll notice nobody\'s added these CD\'s to freedb yet, so you could really go to town with titles and confuse folks if you want to.


QuoteI believe the "naming" thing of programs like that compare track length and # of tracks to come up with what the disc is.  It gets \'em wrong sometimes, that\'s all.

I think you\'re right: that this is how the CD\'s are recognised and so sometimes duplicates appear or there are mix-ups, but the actual naming part is just submitted by fans.
Hey Icenine, good work!

If you look at your review, someone left a comment thanking you for letting them know about TDRS:

"Thank you for your information. I went to Travis Dickerson\'s web-site and found all kinds of great Buckethead releases that I have never seen anywhere else. I cant wait for my order to arrive."

QuoteThanks for all your interest. As I have stated before, a tour probably is unlikely, but we do talk of playing live and I could foresee an LA show or two. Again Thanatopsis is something we do when not doing what we really do so the timing has to be right. I would love to do it, I can\'t think of anything that would be more fun than playing live with theses incredibly talented guys. I\'ll see about moving a burner or two on the stove.

Go Travis, go!!! That would be amazing!!! ;D ;D ;D

And like Ger and d6 have said, if it happens then plenty of notice would really be appreciated for those of us coming from overseas...