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One of my favorite albums of all time. 
Darn.  Not related to Big B at all.   In fact it's Bucket Head IPA. 

Oh well, yay for craft beer anyway! 
This is insane.  

You can buy a super awesome CD for $5, and then collaborate with the guy that\'s largely responsible for making it.  

This first CD just has such an intense, unrelenting feel overall, it really rocks from start to finish.  Uh, except for the end, that\'s just part of a poem read in a pseudo-Stephen Hawking voice.  Whoops..spoiler alert!  

I wish I knew something about creating music now.

I know that no one has called me out (which I am kinda surprised about, honestly) but I have finally decided what happened with me here, and it\'s really pretty simple.  

All the other times I have seen Bucket were so amazingly fucking awesome that the one time it wasn\'t, I was a bit more let down than I should have been.  If it had been my first show or if I\'d traveled hundreds of miles to see it, I probably would have been pretty damn happy.  And it\'s not going to stop me from going to see him every time he comes to town.  

So, bottom line, I\'m still a bot, and have been listening to Bucket albums nonstop since the show (yesterday, Kaleidoscalp, today, Inbred Mountain!), and Big B is still my favorite guitar player of all time.   8)  
I am with stumpdangler on this one.  It would be great to see more variety in Bucket\'s live sets.  

I enjoyed the show too, I guess, but it was definitely the worst of the five Bucket shows that I have seen so far.  

-After the first band ended, it was an hour and ten minutes before Bucket & Co. took the stage.  Considering that there was virtually nothing for the techs/crew to set up, that was way too long.  I don\'t think I\'ve ever experienced a longer gap between sets at any show I\'ve attended (which is a lot).  

-Practically no merch, only It\'s Alive, for $13.  Typically there are multiple shirts and a huge catalog of CDs -- talking like 10-12 minimum.    

-Bucket played a TON of licks in the wrong key.  Highly distracting, and just plain didn\'t sound good.  Overall, he didn\'t seem nearly as into it as any of the other times I\'ve seen him, kinda like he was a little burned out almost, which is not good considering the tour is just getting underway.      

-No encore.  This was the first Bucket show I\'d ever seen where he was the headliner, and there was no encore.    

I\'m not even going to bother looking for a recording.  

I am disappointed, all told.  During, and for a good 1-2 weeks after seeing the other shows in years gone by, I have been left in complete ecstasy and awe.  Not this time.    

Sorry, bots.  I didn\'t feel it, and I don\'t think Big B did either.

But before I forget, nice to meet you at last, Phydeaux!  I\'m glad you and everyone else had a great time.  
I\'ve lived in KC for a very long time now, and the corner immediately south of the venue (Westport Rd. & Pennsylvania Ave. in KC, MO) is one of the best things to happen to us in a very long time, if you like a huge variety of good craft beers and beer-related restaurants:


You got McCoy\'s Public House, the best brewpub in KC on one corner, great pub-type food with very tasty beers made on the premises; The Foundry right next door, my personal favorite beer bar in town with a ridiculous selection of beers from everywhere and lots of menu items; and right across the street, Beer Kitchen, which is the most beer/food-pairing-oriented type place of the three, probably the \'fanciest\', if you like.  Hard to go wrong there, and all of them are within mere yards of the Beaumont Club.    

I\'m not sure how many bots that hang out here will be there, probably just us, but I will!  
So the infamous Phy will be attending, eh?  I\'ll say hi if I see ya there, man, which is pretty likely since Beaumont is not all that big.    

As far as what airport, KCI is all we have.  I would be happy to give directions as well, but I think Google maps would probably be better since I have no idea where you are staying.  

If you\'re into the good beer at all, McCoy\'s Public House is directly across the street, definitely the best brewpub in KC.  

Shoot me a PM if you like.  
Hell yeah!!  Woooooo!  

Bucket is back in KC!  KC <3 Bucket, yes we do.        

Let\'s see if this new song can help the Heat win a game for a change...they\'ve dropped their last 5 in a row.      
Dan is indeed The Man.  

He also has another not-so-secret identity.    
Hey folks!  If you have the ability to grab torrents and want a copy of this show (a few technical difficulties here and there with the show itself, but otherwise an awesome gig), head on over here:  


(free registration required)

I\'ll warn ya, it\'s a big\'un (almost 7 GB!), but it\'s worth it!  Very good quality audio and video!  Thanks to Joe, the taper, who hooked me up after the show!    

I should also mention, they have 10 other Bucket videos posted!  I haven\'t grabbed them all yet, but I\'m sure some people will.    8)    

Also, for you bandwidth-challenged folks, here\'s the audio only:


Thanks, Travis!  That\'s really cool.  Great tracks, too!  Can\'t wait for your solo stuff.  
So I just got home from the show.  Face officially melted.  

How does he do it??  How, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen?  And night after night, no less.    

Just a few of the many highlights for me were the new songs (one from Albino Slug for sure, maybe two?), Oakridge Cake, Welcome to Bucketheadland and Spokes for the Wheel of Torment.  Foxy Lady was a very nice touch, too.   ;)  

And I picked up DOE and Albino Slug, listened to AS in the car on the way home, it\'s amazing, of course.  I didn\'t have enough $ to get Frankenstein Brothers though, darn it.  

But the show...the show.  What a show.  That 1 Guy was fun too, as usual.  He didn\'t play with Bucket for most of the night like their 2006 tour, but they had a couple of serious jams towards the end for about 25 minutes that were pretty cool.  
QuoteThe Granada show is actually in Lawrence Kansas, not Boulder, CO. Thanks greg for the great job you do  ::)

Woohoo!!  A Lawrence date that\'s not at Wakarusa, I thought I\'d never see that again!  

So stoked!!  I saw that same lineup at that same club about 2 years ago and it just blew my mind.  That was the last Bucket show I got to attend, in fact.