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Nice use of lighting. I like what I see so far.
The music sounds good but I only get a white background in QT. No video.
Thanks D. Some interesting sounds there. I especially likes Solo03.
Some slammin riffage there Brian. You need to find that connection again and mix it with a crew. I hate to see talent not used to its potential....

How do you like your Spider? Does that play well with you RP or are they mutually exclusive items? Spider doesn\'t have a Phaser or shifter does it?
Quotewoo-hoo!  bearing in mind that just because i\'m not married doesn\'t mean i\'m not committed, or that maybe i should be...  :o  

my lover and i have lived together since the day i left my ex-husband... but i am an avid flirt and do browse the selections on both sides of the aisle, just to keep my hand in.

Well then in that case ;)  ;D and maybe a cat call to boot if that isn\'t too nefarious for you  :)
Hah! Well deserved praise I say! And now I know your name to boot.... So great job Mrs. Griffin.
Yep, got an Audacity shortcut on my desktop. Can\'t beat the price (free) but the functionality and usability can certainly be beat. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.  
QuoteOH NO EBAY!!!!!!!!!!! RUNS SCREAMING....

sorry dirtface I don\'t like ebay the whole system just does not work for me, was THIS HOT ONE yers?

To bad you can\'t make the system work for you. It is actually a very good idea superbly implemented. BUT there are always going to be people in this world who will try to take you for every nickle so if you are not up to the challange I guess running away is an idea. As far as it being mine or me having any clue who it is who is selling it? Nope. Sorry again. Only similarity there was the state it was shipping from is the one I reside in.  

Quote from: ChrisFiles, sadly I don\'t know alot about flashcards and what ever happen to Zip Drives, Oh well .

From the user standpoint the idea with flash is to be as transparent as possible. Flash is another well implemented plan that has been far too long in coming. I recall as a (young) teenager telling my father that someday I wouldn\'t need the stupid cassette tape drive to save my assembly programs from the computer (figure out how long ago THAT was). I told him some day all the storage would be on a chip and you will be able to stick all your data in you pocket. He patted me on the head and gave me that all knowing smile that meant "Sure son, sure. And some day we will all be in a better place too..." Bout damn time it showed up! Flash is great. My Flash based MP3 player is a hard drive when I need to be. Just plug it in and I can my zipped up code right alongside drop Buckets latest greats! I have designed in circuit test algorithms that allow us to program a product while performing ICT instead of at final test meaning the board can be configured much earlier in the manufacturing process (equates to flexability and cash savings), flash based USB upgrade routines to allow field upgrade (heck of a challange!!) and it all works fantastic. Mechanical devices have higher failure rates and consume more power. Flash upgrades are being embedded into everything nowadays. The only bummer is all the competing interfaces, SDC, MMC, stick, super stick etc... Again gets back to the same crap of every dog fighting for the biggest bone.

Anyway, hope you find what you need but don\'t fear flash. It is in your future.
Take a look at EBay? There are lots and lots of used pieces that should suit you, such as this hot one, but there are lots more. I have done much Ebay business and as long as you are careful you can get some great deals. Many times people really don\'t know the value of what they have and if it doesn\'t get found it can go for a steal.
Sure that looks nice and all but you know darn well dem ain\'t no pets man ::)
I suspect you really don\'t want to know what I think of your song but you did ask so  :-X

Sorry, but most video games 10 years ago had better tracks. MHO and you did ask.
Your art, music, projects and links / Re: Clown #1
August 06, 2005, 01:20:12 am
Or maybe just British? Penny wise and dollar foolish?
Ha! This is so out of context it certainly was meant as a joke. Right Mr. Farty? Or should I say isn\'t that correct your fartiness being as you have publicly denounced the \'Right' (spelled Wrong)
And where have you been by the abroad?

Unfortunately, during the very small amount of time I have off work

(generally less than 12 hours a day during the week, always less than 18 hours on Saturday and almost never less than 21 on Sunday; yes you read  that right. I not only work for a living but basically have to put in enough hours for somewhere between a job and a half and two)

I have to stay away from the keyboard as much as possible. RSS from coding and such is destroying my knuckles on my left hand. If I lose these I have to find a new way to gather food.

So there you have it. Every character I punch out for your sake pains me more than you can imagine.