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Got a ticket for the NYC gig, this will be my first bucket show !

I hope that there will be some sort of new Cd on sale at the show, my Big wish is that all the Brilliant tour songs from the last tour finally get to see the light of day, I mean seriously those were awesome songs. Also hope he plays a bunch of new stuff to keep us on our toes.
Travis it\'s very cool of you to do this, I can\'t wait to hear things broken down and remixed.

I already have all three of these albums and let me just say this is some of my favorite music on earth. I urge all of you who like bucket and Travis to pick up these albums if you don\'t already have them as the playing and songwriting is out of this world. I\'m a big Moog fan and the fact that Travis uses the moog as Bass most of the time just makes me one happy person.

I am curious to ask Travis if you have a set of Moog Taurus
Basspedals lying around somewhere? because those things make the biggest bass explosions I\'ve ever heard in my life.  If you make another Thanatopsis album( and I really hope you do !) you should check them out.
Hey Bots I\'m pretty new to the world of Buckethead myself.

I just became a fan a few months ago and have recieved a few Buckethead albums as gifts from my wife for the holidays. I\'m trying slowly to put togehter a nice Buckethead collection. It was hard at first to even know where to start but i figured things out pretty quickly. I would say that right now this in my top five:

Thanatopsis : Axiology
Thanatopsis : Anatomize
Thanatopsis; Thanatopsis ( I really like Thanatopsis )

Elephant mans alarm Clock
Bermuda Triangle

I have to say though that trying to choose only five is very difficult but Axilogy will always be # 1.I can\'t stress enough how much I love the bucket and Travis Collabs,
recently I found a copy of The Dragons of Eden in a local record shop so I picked it up and that is also amazing, the synth work Travis does on Abstractions of Beasts melts my heart and blows my frigging mind at the same time.
hey Silver Surfer I would just like to say that Unison is awesome and I listen to it quite a bit. Dusk and Dreamcatcher are so damn awesome it defies logic.

But if I had to really choose only one it would be for another Thanatopsis album.
Holy cow ! I\'m designing a new website for my job and I\'m also using ecwid  !

I\'m trying to make an online catalougue for a fancy upscale Antique store in Manhattan. We are not really going to have a shopping cart because the stuff is so expensive and one of a kind. I\'ll show you what it looks like when it\'s done.

I\'ve spent the whole week looking at other sites trying to get ideas and It\'s pretty cool that I can look here too.

The only Thing I can see that is missing is a New Thanatopsis album ;)

Best of Luck with everything. My Birthday is coming up so I\'ll try placing an order soon.
I\'ve been thinking about this a lot lately. i have been gushing to all my friends about how much i love buckethead now and i\'m trying to figure out in my head a good mix to represent his awesomeness. The problem is that it keeps changing every day, I have been listening to songs in a certain order to see what would have a good flow, so far this is what i came up with;

Pure Imagination
Final Reparation
Final Wars
Abstraction of Beasts
Star Chasing
Bent Light
Vitreous Humor
Seven Laws of Woo
Plastination Station
Last Train to Buckethead Land

I\'m not sure the order is perfect but these are all highlights to my ears

I have also considered to just make a seperate Thanatopsis mix because I love their stuff so much

I bought the song, it\'s pretty rad  :D

Thanks Buckethead for wanting to help all those poor people over there.

I gotta say this song is pretty damn sweet.

Thanatopsis is the greatest thing that has happened to me musically in years, I\'m so glad I just discovered this stuff.

I hope and pray somehow that they will do another album in the future.
I was just thinking this morning that buckethead does not have enough live albums out there. I only have Praxis: Tennessee at the moment. I think there may be a few other Praxis ones, are there any others I don\'t know about ?
It would be nice to have a few of his solo tours officially released on Cd, I love listening to live concerts.

Also regarding the Archive recordings can anyone point out one or two that sound really good ? I am rarely at home with enough time to search through and listen for good ones so recomendations would be appreciated.