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Messages - Jayba

Can\'t wait for this album  ;D

My guesses are:

1. High Tide
2. Hurricane
Hey erbody came across videos of Bucketheads show at the Nile.  There are 2 40min+ vids of the entire show.




Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?

Yes that is def not Buckethead....  How do you mess something up like that?  Fail to the highest level.
This looks like an awesome show sucks it\'s so far from me...  

My buddy is the drummer for Papadosio check them out if you get a chance they are pretty badass.

And Buckets name is the biggest because he is obviously the coolest mofo there!
1. Endtime
2. Big D\'s Touch
3. Sail on Soothsayer
4. Igloo Condo
5. Carpal Tunnel Slug
6. Holiday Album Track 5
7. Plastination Station
8. Terra Firma
9. Star Chasing
10. lurker at the threshold
11. Earth Heals Herself
12. Manta Ray
13. Final Wars
14. Movements 3
15. Phantom Lights

Like others have said this list would probably change daily if not hourly haha.
too many to count this is one of my favorites tho.
How do you upload gifs like that?