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would it be possible to see a list of all the cd\'s that are out of stock? also sorry to be daft but (whats a digipack?)
extra tracks and a new cover here or there would really make the world off difference. Here Here! ;)
The last re-pressing of the cds was pretty decent.
You bought it and waited for the rest of the numbers to jump up, but with that you got a free download from the bandcamp to tide you over until everyone esle chipped in. I think thats the best idea, obviously if you dont mind waiting. Shouldnt there be a poll to decide which cd\'s get repressed tho? :-*
Does anyone feel like giving a fellow Bucketbot a review of the two new albums? I know I can always listen to clips of them youtube etc BUT iv bought them and would rather wait. Also I like to hear everyones thoughts. Cheers! 8)
Thanatopsis. defo
It reminds me of Bermuda Triangle which is also one of my favourite slabs to date.
Greeting! I was just visiting germany only last week, I was in Koln. Lovely town!

Im interested to know why this is alot of your favourite album? any thoughts?

man! i was on bucketheadland a few hours ago and it was still Crack The Sky! now this!!! I need to have 30 second updates sent to my phone every day lol!

I can smell a new bucket album cooking!!!! ;D
amazing, thats for finding this. Buckethead is the man.
very true slunkatron. very true.
im having trouble deciding on buying this.
I love majority of the stuff made available from TDRS.
A few folk have said its like Bermuda without Guitar, which sounds cool. Any got any samples on youtube or something?
Travis, has there been any other composers that have influenced you from the classical/baroque/romantic (any period) that you can say has shaped you as a musician?

Any particular pieces in mind?

hey guys just looking for some info here.
It says (1 unbroken track per CD.)
what does this mean? and can anyone give me a wee review of the album please!? cheers lads! ;)
dyou guys think this is just a one off or another Ramelzee - new album deal? I really hope it is! Iv been choking to get more buckethead material. HES TURNED ME INTO A MONSTER! ;D
This is the new praxis record yeah!?
Any info on it or background anyone can give me
Or where I can read. I just listened to their debut record (transmutation)
If this is anything like that, I\'ll be a happy man!!