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Title: Civilization
Post by: whitewolf on December 15, 2007, 07:52:24 pm
Justice & Morality is the center of Civilization.
Everyone is equal before law.
Retributive Justice Protects the victim and Pursues the perpetrator, oppressive law is the opposite of Retributive Justice. If you are against tyranny, then you have to support Retribution. Utilitarianism proclaims Loyalty of those Mistrusted, Loyalty means advantage and advantage is the opposite of Trust. Utilitarianism has to be in the advantage of the utilitarian and not of the criminal, this way the utilitarian takes advantage of the criminal.
Morality is concerned about the good life.
If you know when something is good for you, then don\'t hesitate to take care of it. But when you know when something is bad for you, then don\'t become involved with it. Morality distinghuishes between Morally-Correct and Morally-Incorrect, Virtues are good customs and Vices are bad customs. Every Virtue can become a Vice when used with Incompentents, but Virtues indeed remain Virtues when used with Excellence.
These are the ground principles of Civilization.