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I AM going to try out for the Bass Audition

Started by Chris DiCicco, March 11, 2010, 09:21:58 am

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Chris DiCicco

no I did not dismiss anything, I just kinda stand them, sitting on the other hand well theres a diffrent story all in its self.

but who sits on there hand OUCH!


yeah I see where You think I am out of tune with Gandolf I dropped the Octave, but for all of them I do not have the exact toys to reproduce the exact sounds on the albums.

Gandolf is in the third video.

The Exosphere  2013

Chris DiCicco

I don\'t think I got this gig?! they do have another new fan though...

I am still going to do music with My Dad, Thomas "I\'m the Giant Spider" Rahn and Jam with Loping Wolf (Second Drummer) release solo music and possibley do some gigs with someone named Cannonball (drums) and someone named Jaroba (saxophone)...

also rumours of me rereleasing all but one of the Chic Disc Rico CD\'s from Huzzi Tac are....
The Exosphere  2013

Chris DiCicco

The Exosphere  2013

Chris DiCicco

The Exosphere  2013


Darn, it seemed like you were in the running for that.

Maybe you\'ll land the next gig.  ;D
Let your inspirations flow into whatever you do.

Chris DiCicco

not likely, but Solo and making Music with My Dad and Buddy, looking into some local gigs SOLO, it seems I may be a bit to strange for others to play with, oh well they\'er loss.
the music coming out of UCD is starting to sound pretty intresting, a local Band I did a Musical treatment for is breaking up, my Drummer Friend is one of them, I would like to play with Him, who says they have a friend named Cannonball.

The Exosphere  2013