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Started by Astartiel, August 14, 2006, 10:03:49 am

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I have written a few songs and I was wondering if a couple of them had any merit.  These two songs are rough copies of me singing with my noisy computer adding white noise, so not the best copies.  Here are the links:

Any suggestions on how to make these two songs better or what musical back up would sound good added would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I know the first song is kind of long and drawn out but that is how it came to me nearly fifteen years ago and I\'ve just never wanted to shorten it.

Maybe if you like these samplings of my writing, I\'ll post more mp3s or just some poems that don\'t yet have music.  I have been writing poetry and songs, off and on, for nearly twenty years now so I have more than enough to share...


i can\'t give these the attention they deserve right now (i\'m in corporate hell) so i\'ll try to get a chance to give them a serious listen at home.

meanwhile, welcome!

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


August 14, 2006, 05:19:03 pm #2 Last Edit: August 14, 2006, 06:42:14 pm by Chris_Moss
mmmm nice acapella style..

i\'ll add some music to them and post it back here in a bit :) i\'ll see what i can do if you dont mind

well i did a rough quick track, like it took about 10 minutes or so, and i quite enjoyed doing it,

so i guess if you like the music i did for it, i\'d happily be up for doing more backing music for your songs which i can take time on, you have a nice voice


That is totally cool of you.  I have no problem at all with that.  That\'s the whole point of my posting them.  I have little musical talent beyond writing and singing (which I know I need a lot more practice at), so any help on other areas would be very appreciated.

Thanks very much for the compliments!


here it is

hope you like it


Wow, that was really great.  Now I\'m going to have to redo the audio to make it match the music better.  Thanks so much for this.  Someone else tried to add music to this one and it didn\'t sound as good as yours!  I\'ll write more later!



I am currently uploading a higher pitched version of Born On This Planet.  It will be located at:

once it gets uploaded, that is.  And that will take awhile since  I am on a blazing fast 26.4k connection. ;-)

But, perhaps you would be able to add that voice track to the other mp3 to make the sound even better.  It\'s an older audio too but it\'s fairly clean sounding.  And I can still make another one, if you want.

This is so very appreciated I can\'t really tell you how much.  


cool, i\'ll re do the entire track, but i am busy for the next 2 weeks going around england on rave duty, but i\'ll do it as soon as i can and i\'ll post it in this topic :)


Chris Moss does amazing things!!!

he once composed a short piece for a painting of mine - i treasure that.  i used it in a show once (with full credit to the man); hope to have a chance to do so again with a sound mechanism that does justice to the lovely piece.

in my experience you can\'t go wrong working with the inestimable Mr. Moss.

image = <i>"Blue Velvet"</i> (front of 2-sided piece) (c) georgia k griffin - all rights reserved


Thanks so much Chris.  Take your time.  I\'m just so glad to have some idea what this can sound like with good music behind it.  I am not really a musician but I love writing poetry and songs and I love singing even if I could do with more talent in all those areas ;-).

I just wish I had good home equipment to record on.  But my PC is just soo noisy.  Maybe I could turn off all the fans sometime when it\'s cold out and just do recording to see how that sounds.  

I look forward to hearing the new mix.  

gkg, that\'s so cool that he did that for you.  That\'s a good idea to have music playing for a picture or a series of pictures that help tell the story of the picture or to send out the message you\'re trying to get across better.

I\'m not much of an artist/painter.  I can draw I just don\'t have the patience to be good at it.  My Mom got all the talent and patience there.  But I do appreciate art in most all forms, except perhaps "pop art" and whatever they call  splashing paint on canvas to call it art.  But all else, I enjoy viewing.  

Well, \'till later...


I thought it was about time I updated this topic, since the links at the top are long defunct.  You can listen to some of my songs at, including the one that Chris Moss helped me out with.

I also want to mention a funny link I found when doing a search on my username astartiel - to see how spread out on the web I am!  While doing that search, I found this link:

The funny thing about that link is they must have got that from myspace, since it\'s the only place I know of that has both of us together.  Funnily enough, they don\'t actually have the song uploaded, so you still have to go to myspace to listen.  Maybe I\'ll join that site and try it out.  I\'ll have to look into it more first though.

Anyway, just thought I\'d add this little update.  Now I\'m going to go get ready to watch the Oscars on tv tomorrow night to see if Viggo will get an Oscar.  I am guessing the votes will mostly go to DDL though, since he seems to be getting all the awards this year.