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Shadows Between The Sky re-press thread

Started by mrpancakes, March 28, 2012, 06:21:37 pm

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Any new information? Since Balloon Cement is out now, it seems like the question of Shadows being repressed is up in the air again.


Is it possible to re-release The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock as well? I am so mad that I discovered Bucket this late... and this album, i just gotta collect it and put into my stash!! :-[


Yep, so May past and nothing happened...



Yep, sorry. I just haven't heard what the plans are for these CDs.  the best I can do is as soon as I hear I'll post it.




I'm in for a copy of Shadows if it gets repressed.  I also bid for Elephant Man, Pepper's Ghost, and Crime Slunk Scene as well.  I just can't pay an arm and a leg for them.
Buckethead CDs to collect:
Shadows Between The Sky and Crime Slunk Scene.



As much as we all (including myself) want this to happen, it probably never will. I'd be down for a copy of this CD.

Even if Travis (or whoever is in charge of repressing this particular CD) did have this repressed, I wouldn't mind paying something like $25 for it.


i'll take two ... also need captain EO too

pepper in eyes

I made an account here just to post in this thread. Please re-press this album! This and Captain EO are fantastic but can't be found anywhere.


This is an old thread but things have not changed. These CDs are not TDRS and so I don't have any say about repressing them, thats up to Bucketheadland. My guess though is these will never be repressed. For all the reasons we have talked about above . The market for CDs has only gotten weaker and for CDs that have already sold 1000 copies there just is no incentive to pony up the pressing costs, it would take years to sell enough to pay for the pressing and actually from past experience, they never would.

pepper in eyes

That's a shame. Would Bucket ever do a kickstarter or something to guarantee enough people would be interested? Obviously the Pikes are his main focus now but he's put out a lot of great music that's so hard to get ahold of, I know I could download the album but it's just not the same.