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Population Override KICKS ASS

Started by colmatose, April 06, 2004, 04:23:10 pm

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April 06, 2004, 04:23:10 pm Last Edit: April 06, 2004, 04:24:49 pm by colmatose
Population Overdrive is Crazy! Sexy!Cool! :o What an incredible CD. Population Override delivers, and then some. It's exactly what the doctor ordered. Travis, You guys make some beautiful music together. Too Many Humans. :o Already working it's way up the list of all time favorite Buckethead songs. I love the sound of this cd. You guys are awesome. :o Thanks for this wonderful gift of music. And thanks for all your hard work getting this cd out to all of us so quickly. It is living up to all of my expectaions.  :o


Thank you very much, I appreciate it.


April 06, 2004, 07:38:19 pm #2 Last Edit: April 06, 2004, 07:40:47 pm by Megan
I\'m still getting seduced by population override- but colmatose- yes!  too many humans!

ok I got sidetracked for a second there- Frankenseuss, I\'m really writing to say Thank You- that graphic art! like a visual soundtrack for the music- that inside shot! (like a flesh portal)- I wish I could see them bigger.


hey I can see them bigger with my trusty magnifying glass! rad
some are born to sweet delight
some are born to endless night


Just got it today and...Wow!  You guys hit another home run!  Thanks Travis!


chrissy got her package from travis today!
chrissy loves buckethead and travis and frankensuess, and pinchface and and..
chrissy very happy  (and somewhat demented with joy)
Thank you!!
Thank you!!



Travis you guys rock on this CD, Too many Humans but also Population override and.....basically the whole CD.
Thanks for shipping it out so quickly. Looks like you guys pulled another one out of the bucket!


April 09, 2004, 06:41:50 pm #6 Last Edit: April 18, 2004, 09:25:33 pm by Megan
Talk about Blues for a Red Planet aka Population Override-

too many humans:

My brain shortcircuited the first time I heard it because of that beginning snare buzz behind and apart from everything- like my brain got split in two- it all became clear when everything snapped together when all the sounds came together- and I really love that church organ sound, those long sustained buzzing notes-

I don\'t know what would happen hearing too many humans live, but I\'d like to know as soon as is humanly possible  ;)

cruel reality of nature:

I love this track.  So incredibley beautiful.  But up front I will say I have extremely different experiences listening to it over headphones vs. speakers with regard to the right-left warble effect-

That warble is almost too much for me to bear over headphones- like  motion sickness or that feeling when a subwoofer makes the innards shake- but I\'m particularly sensitive to this effect though- Travis seems to like killing softly with his song-  :P

isn\'t that funny, how much I love it and how it makes me feel sick at the same time-

a day will come:

how it starts so heavy metal (heavy bass line yes!) but by the end reprises one of the softer more sappy axiology themes- that was funny how it did that-  a set up for superhuman in a way-

earth heals herself:

talk about a warble, this one almost killed me more than any other-  that warble just behind the downbeat and just out of synch- freaky

another I would dearly love to hear live - all of them I would like to hear live, but the blues influenced ones like this have that really deep effect, that heartbeat-  please please play live soon-

humans vanish:

I like how this is so short, like the title event is no big deal-

so great!  thanks for sharing!

p.s. I took away my questions for now to lighten the load-
some are born to sweet delight
some are born to endless night


What an awesome review Megan. Makes me want to crank it right now. Oh, I am cranking it right now. Just like Axiology, it\'s too bad that more people out there won\'t be hearing this. I\'m spreading the word, and Travis there will be orders. Everyone I share this with say the same thing \'WOW\'.
I have to say that the first time I listened to this cd I was so engulfed in the music that I lost track of time, and what was happening around me. Almost like being  hypnotised. No I didn\'t fall asleep. I just kicked back, put the headphones on, and cranked it. The house could have burned down. Yeah, I like it.


Just wanted to thank Travis for the fantastic music i`ve just recieved. Really impressed with the service, especially considering the distance travelled! I now have more than enough B.Head to keep me going for some time. Really Loving P.O and Axiology, no doubt will order more soon. Thanks again


I am loving this CD bigtime. Such a great combination of elements. A little mellow, a little rocking, kinda progressive/kinda retro, ... I love the melodicism. I think all the players sound better than ever. Pinchy really lays it down and sounds as solid as I\'ve ever heard him. Travis busts out with some ripping synth licks as well as such lovely organ & elec. piano touches, and really, the Big B I think has (dare I say it?) matured in so many ways... All the elements are coming together. Maybe it\'s the fact that he plays a real Fender on this one (and a Tele at that...)

Hey Travis -- do you happen to know what kind of Tele it is? Custom? Tex-Mex? Any pictures of the sessions? The Telecaster is such a unique type of guitar and there are so many configurations. (I know this is "guitar-wanker" question so don\'t worry too much...)

Also -- some recording questions: I hear some real bass, some guitar-bass, and some organ/keyboard bass... Are you "shamming" on the organ for some tunes? And when Bucket is playing bass lines, is that recorded first? Live with the drums? Or is bass usually overdubbed? How much is recorded "live" with all 3 of you playing at once? What type of mastering software do you use?

OK, thanks for any insight into this. I loved it when you had all that tech info for "Axiology"...

But generally -- TREMENDOUS album! I love it. Awesome production, once again. Clean yet full. That\'s the stuff.


Travis-- All the kick ass reviews were very impressive. You scored a triumph with P.O.    D.O.D


Thank you all for your kind words.
BSB, this record was recorded all live in the studio, so Bucket was either playing guitar or bass on the first pass, then overdubbing the other afterward. I played all three keyboards at the same time for the for the first pass ( on a few tracks you can tell I\'m playing the Hammond with my elbow while I\'m playing the Rhoades with my left hand and Moog with my right)
then If I felt it needed it I would fill out some tracks with an overdub. Bucket played most of the bass, I played on 2 or 3 and those were all Moog bass. The Tele is one of my brothers that he lent to Buckethead for the session. It\'s pre CBS Tele I\'ll post a picture or two when I get a chance (may be a few days, it\'s insanely busy around here right now). I mastered the record through a pair of Neve eq\'s and a David Royer optical compressor.
Most of the gear used is the same as used on the Axiology record and you can see pictures here


LOL!  3 keyboards at once?  AWESOME!  I am going to try and order this next week.   ;D


PO played all live!  that is such a great answer- thanks for asking it  BSB! (I want to do overdubbs no matter how crude- I\'m working on it thanks Chris!)

three keyboards at once! that\'s a force of nature at play

BSB got that sweet answer but I\'m still curious Travis when you get a second- did the theme of Population Override emerge after the fact, like you guys had some melodic themes you worked with and later you ordered and named them, or did you have the idea, write the titles and then play to them?

some are born to sweet delight
some are born to endless night


BSB got that sweet answer but I\'m still curious Travis when you get a second- did the theme of Population Override emerge after the fact, like you guys had some melodic themes you worked with and later you ordered and named them, or did you have the idea, write the titles and then play to them?

Great question.  Inquiring mimds want to know... ;D