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Started by StuntCoyote, November 03, 2010, 06:35:09 pm

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hey, bots! please check out my band on Myspace, SandmarX. We\'re inspired by bands like Guns N\' Roses and Skid Row, hope you\'ll enjoy it.


Hi! I really like your music, I hear a lot of Guns-inspiration! ;) And \'City of Rock\' kicks ass!
Do you play a lot of gigs?


thank you very much! yes, GN\'R is a huge inspiration for us, our lead guitarist has a very similar style to slash and a bit of george lynch, if you\'ve heard of him..

And yes, we play at least one gig per month, but it is mainly in Bergen, Norway. we have played in a place called Garage a few times, which i think is the most popular rock n\' roll stage in the city. it\'s pretty fun!


I have been to Bergen once, but I have not been to Garage. Sounds kind of cool though. Playing the songs on myspace as we speak  ;)
I haven\'t heard much of George Lynch, just a few songs from Lynch Mob. Maybe I\'ll take a few more listens...


if you go to http://www.nrk.no/urort/Artist/SandMarx/default.aspx you can download the songs, if you want to :) we\'re trying hard to rise as a band out of the underground.. we have set high goals!


Thank you, I\'ll give it a try! Best of luck to you and your band, I hope you go far!  :)  :)




hey, we\'ve got some new songs and gigging up, here\'s from a show early december! any feedback at all will be appreciated!  :)


Hey, guys! My band is in some sort of competition on a norwegian site. i would really appreciate it if as many as possible voted for oss :)

You have to press the "gi din stemme" button to vote!


You could also listen to and like us on this site, if you want :D


Thanks in advance! Rock n\' Roll!