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Started by Travis, December 16, 2010, 05:07:51 pm

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The guitar auction is ending at 5:00pm west coast time tonight. I have had a number of bids and I have been emailing the bidders to respond to me with a confirmation of their email and sincerity of their bid. I have not posted several bids because I have no response to my email. Responding to my email is the number one condition of winning the bid. If you have bid and want to be sure you don\'t lose because of an email problem, email me or check your junk folders or PM me here. Also, I\'m asking that the winning bid be a least $10.00 above the last bid. I don\'t want sore feelings on losing by a few cents.

Please feel free to ask any questions here or email me.


Alex R

Is there any particular reason this wasn\'t put on eBay?
More potential of people seeing it, more established bidding system and it means nobody has to watch it and send out emails.
Plus, everyone is protected with PayPal, and people coming here will know it\'s official because it was posted here first, By Travis.
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December 17, 2010, 01:39:25 am #2 Last Edit: December 17, 2010, 01:41:33 am by Bucketdog
^^ looks like he sold it and probably wants to make sure one of buckethead\'s actual fans gets it and enjoys it. I think that was very nice of him to exclusively have it here.  Hope to see more items up. Perhaps one of buckethead\'s kfc buckets with the funeral sticker on he wore during shows? Or maybe even the fabled custom shop les Paul Gibson sent him...
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