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Axiology Repress?

Started by bingeneer, January 10, 2015, 10:03:48 pm

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Repress Axiology

Press it on vinyl, I'll buy one.
53 (86.9%)
Repress the CD, I'll buy that.
6 (9.8%)
Already have the CD, not interested in either.
2 (3.3%)

Total Members Voted: 61


I'll take 1 vinyl when it happens  ;D


Totally in. Would by one...possibly two, depending on the shipping costs to Germany


I would definitely buy 2 on Vinyl, hopefully shipping to the UK would not be too expensive. I would also purchase a CD but would only let me vote once (voted vinyl).

Like many others have said, most people who have voted would be purchasing 2+ copies, so I think a run of 200 would be perfect! Signed/numbered as well...Sounds awesome!

Thanks Travis for even looking into the viability of doing this, really hope it goes ahead.


43 votes so far...Does Travis have anything to say as of right now?


A 180 gram , gatefold and fair international shipping. It would be a perfect choice for a record.


I'm keeping an eye on this. The numbers are about what I thought they would be. I know many have said they were in for multiples and I've had many private messages about even more. I have taken all that into account by the number I was shooting for. I really need to see about 100 people including those who say they would buy more than one before I'm willing to consider a pre-buy. I know from past experience how voting actually translates to buying.

I appreciate the enthusiasm of those posting here. I really have a lot of affection for these records and I really enjoy seeing there is still a lot of regard for them by those that are driving this.

I still have a healthy skepticism about such a small fan bases willingness to buy an object of even smaller support, that is vinyl. I have seen that its mostly as a collectors item in that a lot of people don't even have turntables or express an interest in framing them and putting them on a wall. It seems a poster would be a better bet than vinyl but I understand, it's a collector thing.

I have gotten a lot of mail with ideas for how to do this and how successful it will be, but I don't think they appreciate how small the fan base that actually buys things is. We are talking a few hundred people and now reduce that to those interested in Thanatopsis and reduce that to those interested in vinyl and you get the idea. Don't get me wrong. I would love to see this but I also don't need to spend money to store a bunch of vinyl in my storage room with a lot of other boxes of CDs gathering dust.

I have been looking into this in terms of the actual nuts and bolts of whats involved. There are some problems and we might as well go over those so I can see if anyone has a preference or at least to bring to light some of the hurdles yet to be overcome.

I went over the masters for Axiology. For some reason I was thinking it was a bit more that 40 minutes long. It's more like 54. This is a problem for vinyl. The ideal length for vinyl is about 18 minutes per side. As the length increases the depth of the grooves have to become less deep and bass is limited. At some point the record won't even track or will sound bad. Even if the whole CD could be put on one disc it would be far from the audiophile experience you would hope for by going vinyl. It may be done and I'm looking into it, but who would give up a good sounding record for the affordability of a single poor sounding disc. Maybe you would if your just going to hang to on your wall.  The other option would be to go for a double album and include some material not on the original and might as well go all out top of the line everything, 180 gram, gatefold jacket and art, signed numbered, limited total collectors item. Sounds great? $50 per disc 100 people pre-buy minimum to make it happen.  So you see, it's always something.

This is a problem for a lot of CDs going to vinyl. After vinyl, records became much longer and most of the Thanatopsis as well as Chicken Noodles and Dragons of Eden fall into this category. I know ION records was planning a Population Override vinyl and ran into these same issues. So they were contemplating a double album but that may have been too much trouble so I'm not sure what became of it. It's been over a year since I heard anything.

If you have an opinion, leave it here, I'm still listening.


Hi Travis. Thank you for your reply/update. They are always refreshingly honest and open as well as being informative. I love your willingness to pursue all avenues and to involve us, the fans, in the process.

I know here in the UK vinyl sold over 1M last year, an 18 year high for the medium! I appreciate most of these will not be for the more criminally under-rated artists like thanatopsis, but there is certainly a resurgence in vinyl sales and in the way some are yearning for something more tangible in the digital age we find ourselves in (myself included).

I know you have first hand experience in re-presses and the votes into purchases dilemma. I have been a keen fan of this site for some years now so I don't wish to give you advice on things you are much more knowledgeable on. I would hope however, that there would be more interest in a vinyl release than the poll suggests, it is perhaps a case of everyone here spreading the word.

I think at times (and I have probably been guilty of this), music fans of underground artists (for want of a better phrase) can be very protective of the music they love. This can sometimes lead to not wanting to share information on the latest limited edition run with anyone for fear of not having something rare and exclusive. I would rather shout from the rooftops about this however so I can own a copy myself, rather than no-one having it. I know this seems an obvious suggestion, but sometimes the best solutions are left unsaid and no-one implements them assuming others will.

I had genuinely not thought about the implications of the record length onto vinyl and personally would rather pay more for a quality product. In terms of pricing, $50 in Pounds Sterling seems more than fair to me and is equal to more commercial, more homogeneous releases being released, so I would be more than happy to pay this for a limited edition copy of an album that is deserving of it.

For the record (no pun intended), I would still purchase two even if just so I can own one (though I suspect one very fortunate friend of mine would receive one as a gift).

I apologize to all for the liberties I have taken with the length of this post, but let's all try and spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, other forums etc and make Travis's job that bit easier.

P.S. I'm sure I'm not the only one who weeped slightly at the thought of being so close to a Population Override LP


No need to apologize, I appreciate your thoughtful reply.  The more feedback i get the better to allow me to judge the  real interest in this. 

ultra plinian

January 27, 2015, 01:35:38 am #53 Last Edit: January 27, 2015, 03:43:58 pm by ultra plinian
Thank you for posting. Everyone should read your post. It's fascinating to learn the ins and outs and pros and cons you must consider to get something such as this released. But if you do decide to go through with the project, I say go all out. Press 2-LP in 180 gram and perhaps add some bonus material from that recording cycle to fill up the 18 minutes for each side. Include artwork. Of course, dat artwork! Yes, this is a collector's thing. I have no problem with that. I will play it, of course. But I'm still going to treasure it as a collector's item. It's Buckethead and Axiology for crying out loud! Clearly, you need to be assured that people will buy the product. So perhaps you should do a kickstarter to fund this? Clearly, the project has to pay for itself and I'm sure you'd like to make a profit. I don't expect you to share the cost. But if you're shooting for $50 per purchase to support a 2-disc vinyl release, then perhaps you should consider securing funds ahead of time.

QuoteI know ION records was planning a Population Override vinyl and ran into these same issues. So they were contemplating a double album but that may have been too much trouble so I'm not sure what became of it. It's been over a year since I heard anything.

This may have got a release on vinyl after all. I did find a listing for a 2-LP edition with 6 bonus tracks on Amazon from dolphywas1/Ion Records. It would appear they did add material for a 2-disc special edition:


Buckethead has only appeared on a very small number of vinyl releases and those have mostly been with Gn'R and Praxis. But it is of my opinion that his solo works and projects with you and Brain would sell better these days on collector's style vinyl than previously. I think his fan base is growing now more than ever due to the response of his Pikes series and all the talk on music forums. I just don't think you would have too much trouble selling nice deluxe 2-LP sets of your releases with him. I know I'll do my best to spread the good word onto forums where I know people have a heavy interest in his work. But, again, if you're worried about financing, then maybe doing a kickstarter campaign is the way to go. If it is successful (and I really want it to be such), I would hope you could give more of these albums the vinyl treatment.

Here is the link to kickstarter:


That is just one option, of course. Perhaps others here will weigh in. Don't feel pressured into something if ultimately you don't feel this is reali$tic.


WOW WHY HAS NO ONE EVER SHOWN ME THAT LISTING!!! Thats IONs official amazon page right? just ordered a copy


btw travis:

maybe instead of starting with a double 180 gram lp, why not start with a shorter release on a nice 180gram single LP?



If this does happen, I will definitely buy two vinyl editions, count me in.


I hope there is a vinyl copy of Population Override on Friday, because that's when I get paid...I would really LOVE to pick up a copy.


Quote from: ultra plinian on January 27, 2015, 01:35:38 am

This may have got a release on vinyl after all. I did find a listing for a 2-LP edition with 6 bonus tracks on Amazon from dolphywas1/Ion Records. It would appear they did add material for a 2-disc special edition:

Thanks for the info. Norman asked me last year if I had any more material from the PO sessions he could use on the vinyl. I didn't so looks like he padded it with some Cobra Strike and other ION records. That's kind of too bad because I don't consider those related at all. But I have no stake in the PO record having given up the recording as a favor ( long story  for another day). I hadn't heard anything about the final outcome, he doesn't maintain an ION website as far as I know.  So it's interesting to see it's appearance on Amazon.