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Buckehead show? 2016

Started by Gdspd810, February 29, 2016, 07:34:48 pm

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So it looks like Bucket has a show this year... makes me wonder if more are in the works.  Pretty far trip for just one show!


Come to NY, Buckethead!!!!  We miss you!!!!  Bring Travis with you!!!


It will be interesting to see if the set list has evolved. I'd love to hear some Pikes material. More dates are now being reported.


We were hoping that bucket would come to Maine again, or at least New Hampshire. :( Boston is the closest date and it's just too far for us Mainers to drive. Buckethead, you have many fans up here and we miss you! Please consider us on your next tour.


Now its seems new shows have been added after the long stretch ending in July.  ...Only 4 ...and a few months from now ...could he be working with other people and recording something with in these couple months?  could be true.  If so it will be a nice change from the Pikes. ...or will he just blast out a few more Pikes?   Hmmmm
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