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ramy + thanatopsis

Started by CMA, May 05, 2004, 05:56:22 pm

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I was listning to thanatopsis last night on the way into town, and i was really loving the hi-hats on final reparation or morethol one of the 2 (im not weird, i hope people understand?) and i wondered whats ramy up to? is there another "heavy" thanatopsis in the pipeline?


Chris, we understand (just not the right smily to use here). Ramy is a hi hat monster, he has been working with Seal the last half a year or so and is out on the road with him. We are at the moment trying to find a date that the three of us can get together a start another Thanatopsis CD, we are hoping it is this month.


OH MY GAWD :o More Thanatopsis! I can\'t sleep as it is. The first one was Awesome. Well the second one was better. Well, just as good. They are both frickin\' great!



amazing i cant wait, thanatopsis has been in my cd player-hi-fi all weeek.

 a hi-hat is the treblly thing you hear that goes "tiish" can anyoen better that?  :P


May 05, 2004, 07:42:31 pm #5 Last Edit: May 05, 2004, 07:49:09 pm by Chris_Moss
as were ont he a drummers thread, i just haf to say how much PO brings out some of pinchfaces best drumming
anyone else egree?


Quotea hi-hat is the treblly thing you hear that goes "tiish"

Thx - as I was reading your answer I was listening to St Germain "Rose Rouge" which tishes from beginning to end, so I think I understand.


May 05, 2004, 08:48:47 pm #7 Last Edit: May 05, 2004, 09:11:27 pm by Megan
high hat

excellent news!  more thanatopsis :-*

I mean this with all due respect but I\'ve felt like ramy\'s drumming wasn\'t as powerful as it could have been on either thanatopsis.  Although I\'ll have to listen for that high hat again because I am always willing to reboot my brain.  But it\'s like he was acting as a timekeeper.  His rhythms didn\'t vary much over the course of a track, do you know what I mean?  Probably this quality was intended by you guys.  And this is just my opinion and shows my drumming preferences.  And please don\'t get me wrong I think ramy is a great drummer!  But I felt a big contrast when I heard PO.  The whole thing hung together better for me.  It was more balanced somehow.  Pinch\'s drumming is as equally innovative and as weirdly expressive as either Travis\' or Bucket\' playing.  I\'d like to hear ramy go there more on the next thanatopsis.


some are born to sweet delight
some are born to endless night


Travis, I would love to hear Thanatopsis do an album that rocks a little bit more - like the last 40 seconds or so of "Pyre."  I think it would be great.


T-Man, that is such a great part of Pyre, that very end when the guitar comes in so glam rock I think.  Such high drama.  and I really like Ramy\'s drumming during that part too, all squirrelly like that.

and I went back and listened to axiology for the high hats.  Those tracks on thanatopsis, Chris I think you meant Final Reparations for the high hat.   How it starts with those violins.  That track makes me laugh!

I completely missed really hearing the high hats before so thanks!  Like on Pyre!  And all the high hats all the way through all tracks are really chattering.  That was great to really hear them.  so thanks for that, Chris!  I really like the drumming on Cult of One.  Fast and high, like tomtoms.  That little tish tish slipping in and out.  

So ok after some thought I realize that on thanatopsis ramy is playing a rock style.  That really steady boom2 boom4 seems to dominate.  Whereas Pinch is playing a more funk/jazz style on PO.  Like on Unrestrained Growth.  He plays around more, it is more subtle or something.  But these are two different projects with two different drumming styles and two people who are really good at playing each style.  I feel stupid for suggesting that Ramy should try to play more like Pinch.  That was rude crude and socially unacceptable :P

whew I need a drink-
some are born to sweet delight
some are born to endless night


Hey that\'s great! This is my official pre-order for Thanatopsis 3! My special requests? No particular, because T1 and T2 are both fantastic. Hmm, if I think about it again, here it is, a special for me. My wife listens to T2 a lot. I really love the harder stuff of T1, so if you want to consider the preferences of a faithful fan here, then it would be "my turn" with harder riffs on T3 ... How about a guest appearance, eg. Jonas Hellborg?

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QuoteTravis, I would love to hear Thanatopsis do an album that rocks a little bit more - like the last 40 seconds or so of "Pyre."  I think it would be great.
Funny you mentioned that. I don\'t know if anybody here heard it but when Greg had that "Submit your Buckethead cover tunes" thing I did a piece taking that last little section of Pyre and sped it up a bit. Then I made a rhythm bed with many different drum loops and added my own bass and guitars. I cut Bucket\'s riff up and made different riffs from it. Mutated it, built it up, broke it down. It\'s in mp3 format and if I knew how to I\'d post it up here... (?) I did it \'cause I felt the same way: What a great riff! And just when it seems like it\'s gonna kick in... /
But I LOVE Ramy\'s playing on both Thanatopsi. He bashes and slams on the first one where that\'s what\'s called for and he lays back and grooves more on Axiology. His feel and sensitivity on both discs is highly commendable. He obviously has a high level of musicianship which matches Bucket\'s and Travis\' and blends so well together with everything else that\'s going on. The prospect of Thanatopsis 3 makes me very happy.
Very happy indeed.

Oh yes and I absolutely agree about Pinch\'s drumming on PO. I said it before and I\'ll say it again: all the players sound better than ever on this disc. Pinch is more in the pocket than ever.
Leads to an interesting question. How was it decided to have Pinchface play drums on PO? Would it have become Thanatopsis 3 if Ramy had played on it? With the huge stable of players at his ready, I wonder how it comes to pass that Bucket has this or that player on his albums, and exactly which project it turns out to be. Either a Thanatopsis or a Cobra Strike or a "Buckethead" CD. Hmmm... *rubs chin, looks longingly off in the distance...*