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Thanatopsis "Requiem" Available now.

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Thanatopsis "Requiem"

Started by Travis, March 17, 2015, 04:36:01 pm

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ultra plinian

Freaking awesome! Thanks Travis!


Orderes mine, 15$ to ship here too but Thanatopsis deserves it.


I feel for you international buyers. The US post office raised the international rate 60 percent two years ago. The stamp on a international first class CD package is $13. The rest covers the packaging and incedentals. Thats just what it costs. This did not help the state of CD sales any either, making downloading much more attractive.  I'm looking into a shopping cart software that will allow a more flexible shipping rate then the one charge for all internationl customers the software we have now does ( paticularly not fair to Canadians) like snail mail media rates. But CD sales are so low now it has not been worth the massive headache and expence rewritting the shop would entail. I wish i could say at least your conrtibution is to the good cause of indepenendt music but unfortunatly it's just contributing to the P.O.


This has been a delightful surprise- thanks for deciding to act upon this opportunity (so immediately), that you have stumbled upon, Travis!

P.s.// I might take this opportunity to inquire of somebody- that would be yourself, Travis!- whom might be able to clear up the reasons for a significant discrepancy, that I've not been able to help but observe, concerning US international postage rates (since that rates rise, a few years back)....

The most commonly offered, lowest rates, by sellers, have gone up drastically- as your rates offerings are an example of, and you, yourself, have discussed/explained, on numerous occasions (as you have once again, here)- and that seem to concern 'First Class International Priority Packages' (or something along those lines).

However, a good proportion of sellers do offer a much more affordable rate/s, that seems to be commonly labelled an 'Economy Method', or something to that effect...

Hence, one's curiosity is naturally piqued at what could be responsible for this?

My considerations/presumptions have amounted to the possibilities, that the Economy Method is much less geographically available available, or something, and/or, is less convenient to use- e.g. to employ that method, means that you have to go to post office to dispatch (rather than just being able to drop in a po box, or have collected for delivery, by courier).

As somebody whom might be able to delineate the reasons for this, for me, from experience in contemplating the shipping options available to them, I was wondering if you could, if you can!




Gasp...the Thanatopsis poster in the store has to be updated now!  :o


As far as the postal rates go, we ship first class or priority mail that is basically "airmail". Outside of customs delays it's a week or less delivery times. Other options for economy shipping are by ground or boat and can take months. I haven't wanted to do that because I would be dealing with a lot of "is my order lost" questions. First class offers a tracking option.

I think this is related to the end of CDs in that really, it just doesn't make a lot of sense as a delivery method for music, given the cost of delivery and production. So, really it appeals only to collectors interested in tangible goods. Unfortunately a premium  has to be paid for that. I think if I offered this CD to international buyers as a collectors item, limited in number of an item that would not exist at any other price, that supports the artist directly for $30.00 free shipping you would have to mull over the merits of that as a collector. It might well be we have reached the point were there are not enough collectors to support it and thus CDs will cease to be produced....making them collectors items.


Quote from: JimmyJammer on March 19, 2015, 06:03:09 pm
Orderes mine, 15$ to ship here too but Thanatopsis deserves it.

Dito. Order placed ;)
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Ordered!!!  WooHoo!  Thanks Travis!!!!


Really hoping for good results for this. Would love Axiology on vinyl. Can you say how sales are going?


Still trying to cover the pressing. I've gone ahead and had them done. With a little luck it will get covered. We'll see about the rest and give it some time.


So...If they're pressed...does that mean they can ship within the next few days?!  :o


No, just means I went a head and ordered the pressing before the pre-sales covered the cost. Will probably ship mid April.


Thanatopsis is my absolute favorite collaboration project! This is FANTASTIC news. Made an account just to say, I'm in! :D


As always, a fantastic treat Travis. Really good to see some Unreleased Thanatopsis being pressed onto CD. Have just placed my order, and like others have said, the shipping to England was the same as the CD itself, but it's a small price to pay for genuine art being independently released.

All I can say is I hope all the US fans are purchasing it too as it's almost half price, this way we can dream of an Axiology LP!

Love TDRS - Take It easy Travis 😉


All pre-order have now shipped as of today.